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Rainbow Trout Fishing Events Coming to Tyler's Nature Center
TYLER—The East Texas Woods and Waters Foundation (ETWWF) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will host two special fishing events in January 2015. Two thousand rainbow trout will be stocked into The Nature Center pond to provide a free fishing opportunity for area youth and their adult fishing mentors. Event dates are January 3 and 10, 2015, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., rain or shine.

Adult mentors should bring all equipment and bait necessary for fishing (see recommended equipment below). A limited amount of fishing equipment (and bait) will be on hand for those who cannot bring their own on a first-come—first-served basis. Adult mentors do not need to be experienced anglers. TPWD staff will be on hand to assist......Read More
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Texas Game Wardens Make Large Gillnet Seizure on Border
AUSTIN — Texas game wardens conducting an enhanced marine patrol of the lower Rio Grande near Boca Chica along the Texas–Mexico border recently seized roughly 8,000 feet of illegal gillnet.

Though no arrests were made, the gillnet is believed to have belonged to commercial fishermen from Mexico. Fishing with a gillnet in Texas waters is a violation of state law.

Game wardens found hundreds of fish trapped in the netting, including red drum, snook, black drum, sheepshead, tarpon, mullet, jack crevalle, and gizzard shad. In addition to fish, the gillnet contained blue crabs, as well as cormorants and brown pelicans. Game wardens were able to save two of the brown pelicans, but the other birds had died......Read More
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Texas to Receive Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Resoration Funding
AUSTIN – Five Texas-based projects totaling about $18 million have been approved to begin to compensate Texas for lost human use of natural resources resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The three artificial reef and two state park projects are part of the latest round of early restoration led by state and federal Natural Resource Damage Assessment trustees.

The five Texas projects are part of a broader suite of 44 projects totaling an estimated $627 million across the Gulf, the largest suite of early restoration projects since the oil spill. About 63 percent, or $397 million, of the projects address ecological losses. The remaining 37 percent, or $230 million, address lost recreational services.

This is the first early restoration phase with Texas-based projects, following two previous phases totaling $71 million. Work on Texas projects is expected to begin in 2015.......Read More
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Zebra Mussels Spread to Lake Waco
ATHENS—Lake Waco has become the seventh lake in Texas to be infested by invasive zebra mussels.

City of Waco employees found suspected zebra mussels on September 26, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) employees confirmed their presence Monday.

Brian Van Zee, Inland Fisheries Regional Director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), said, “This recent infestation is very disappointing, because TPWD, the City of Waco and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) have been working collaboratively for the past couple of years to educate the boating public about the zebra mussel threat.”......Read More
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Coastwide Seagrass Rules Anniversary
AUSTIN — This month marks the one-year anniversary of a law passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature prohibiting the uprooting of seagrass with the propeller of a boat within the coastal waters of Texas. Seagrasses are important as they stabilize sediments, decrease erosion, improve water quality and clarity, increase dissolved oxygen, and provide integral habitat for recreationally and commercially important species, such as red drum, black drum, and spotted seatrout.

Motorboat “prop scars” occur when a boat propeller digs into the bay bottom where seagrass occurs. This typically occurs when a boat accelerates to get on plane in water that is too shallow, although it can occur at any operating speed when the water is shallow enough for the propeller to come in contact with the sediment and roots of the seagrass plants. These prop scars cause erosion and loss of seagrass habitat, which can take a long time to recover and may even worsen over time.......Read More
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Toyota ShareLunker Season Kicks Off October 1
ATHENS—The 29th season of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Toyota ShareLunker program will begin October 1.

Anyone legally catching a 13-pound or bigger largemouth bass from Texas waters, public or private, between October 1 and April 30 may submit the fish to the Toyota ShareLunker program. Fish will be picked up by TPWD personnel within 12 hours......Read More
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New Red Snapper Reporting Program Shows Promise
AUSTIN— As one of the most sought after fish in the gulf, red snapper became the subject of a new reporting system that has shown favorable results.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Coastal Fisheries Division staff asked Texas anglers to report their red snapper landings beginning June 1, at the start of the nine-day federal season through their pilot reporting program and submit basic information about their catch. The survey questions included the trip’s total red snapper catch, the date it occurred, the number of fish landed, etc.....Read More
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2015 Toyota Texas Bass Classic Set for May 23-25 at Lake Fork
AUSTIN – The 2015 Toyota Texas Bass Classic – an event which draws the world’s top professional bass anglers — has been set for Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25, at Lake Fork.

“After a world-record setting event in 2014 we are very excited to return to Lake Fork in 2015,” said Lenny Francoeur, tournament director. “The Quitman community has been so welcoming and the bass fishing at Lake Fork is world-class. We can’t wait to get back there next spring.”

In addition to new dates, tournament officials announced the field size will be refined from 50 contestants to 38 of the world’s best professional anglers. The 2015 classic will invite the top 15 in 2014 Angler of the Year points from both the FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series, 7 exemptions and defending 3-time champion Keith Combs....Read More
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Biologists Studying Arroyo Colorado Tidal Stream
AUSTIN – Earlier this year, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department coastal fisheries biologists began a two-year study of Arroyo Colorado, a tidal stream connected to lower Laguna Madre. Biologists received a grant to measure the quality of aquatic life in this ecologically important area.

This effort is part of a larger coast-wide assessment of tidal streams that has been under way for the better part of a decade.

“Specifically, we are working in conjunction with the existing Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership, as they update their watershed plan, with the goal of ultimately improving water quality for the Arroyo Colorado and Lower Laguna Madre,” said Janet Nelson, TPWD coastal biologist....Read More
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2014-15 Fishing Licenses Going On Sale August 15
AUSTIN — New licenses for the 2014-15 hunting and fishing seasons go on sale Friday, August 15. The current year Texas hunting and fishing licenses (except year-to-date fishing licenses) will expire Aug. 31.

Every year, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issues about 2.5 million hunting and fishing licenses through the agency’s 28 field offices, more than 50 state parks and at over 1,700 retailers across the state. Licenses may also be purchased online through the TPWD website at www.tpwd.state.tx.us/buy or by phone at 1-800-895-4248....Read More
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RestoretheTexascoast.org Unveiled by the State of Texas
The State of Texas has unveiled restorethetexascoast.org, a dedicated online resource for Deepwater Horizon oil spill recovery efforts.

Restorethetexascoast.org features links and background information on the three funding sources available, RESTORE (Resources & Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States), NFWF/GEBP (Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund) and NRDA (Natural Resource Damage Assessment). The site also includes details associated with the state’s efforts to implement the RESTORE Act in Texas. Use of these funds will facilitate efforts to sustain a coordinated and integrated approach to appropriately respond to various coastal needs, both environmentally and economically....Read More
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Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Season to Open July 15
AUSTIN — The Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season for both state and federal waters will open 30 minutes after sunset Tuesday, July 15. The opening date is based on an evaluation of the biological, social and economic information to maximize the benefits to the industry and the public.

In making its determination, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Division used the best available scientific information including samples collected by using trawls and bag seines in TPWD routine data collection...Read More
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Fish Habitat at Brushy Creek Reservoir Enhanced With Aquatic Vegetation Plantings
ATHENS—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) partnered with Austin Fly Fishers (AFF) and the City of Cedar Park Parks and Recreation Department to conduct native aquatic vegetation plantings at Brushy Creek Reservoir on June 21.

AFF, a charter club of the International Federation of Fly Fishers and pending Friends of Reservoirs chapter, gathered 22 volunteers to join TPWD Inland Fisheries management staff to plant 144 colonizing plants to help establish fish habitat, as recommended in the lake’s management plan. Four species of plants were used in this effort: American water-willow, arrowhead, square-stem spikerush and flat-stem spikerush. TPWD district fisheries supervisor Marcos De Jesús said “These individual plants will serve as colonizers. Under proper conditions, they may expand into lush stands that will provide excellent fish habitat, help stabilize sediment and improve water quality.”...Read More
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Statewide Boat Draining Rule Takes Effect July 1
ATHENS – Beginning July 1, boaters must drain all water from their boat and on-board receptacles before leaving or approaching a body of fresh water anywhere in Texas.

The new Texas Parks and Wildlife Department regulation is designed to help combat the further spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species. It applies to all types and sizes of boats whether powered or not: personal watercraft, sailboats, kayaks/canoes, or any other vessel used on public waters.....Read More
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Nominations Sought for Texas Freshwater Fishing HOF
ATHENS, Texas — Individuals or organizations that have made a lasting contribution to freshwater fishing in Texas may be nominated through November 1 for induction into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

The nominee must be a Texan or Texas organization. Individuals may be either living or deceased. Selection will be made by an independent committee; induction will take place during the annual Hall of Fame banquet at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens.....Read More
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Fishing for Fun at a Texas State Park
AUSTIN – With the weather warming up, many families can head to a local state park and reel in some fun summer memories.

More than 70 Texas state parks with fishable waters make finding a place to fish in Texas easier than ever. Any angler can fish inside of a state park without a fishing license. Parks offer various places to fish, including fresh or saltwater fishing from shore, pier or boat....Read More
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Texas Nature Challenge Connects Families with the Outdoors
AUSTIN— The Texas Nature Challenge connects kids and families with fun outdoor adventures to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The challenge features family activities at nature centers, museums, gardens, or local and state parks designed to encourage families to explore and learn something unique to that location.

“I enjoyed going to new places with my family that I didn’t know existed around the coastal bend,” says Adina Gonzales, one of the youth participants in the 2013 Coastal Bend Challenge. “I love spending time with my kids outdoors and this gave us something to look forward to each week,” added Adina’s father, Rick.....Read More
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Zebra Mussel Rules Now Expanded Statewide
AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved a new regulation requiring that all boats operating on public fresh water anywhere in Texas be drained before leaving or approaching a lake or river to help combat the further spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species.

The rapidly reproducing mussels, originally from Eurasia, can have a serious economic, environmental and recreational impact on Texas reservoirs. Zebra mussels can clog public-water intake pipes, harm boats and motors left in infested waters by covering boat hulls, block water-cooling systems, annoy lake property owners by completely covering anything left under water, and make water recreation hazardous because of their sharp edges.....Read More
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Toyota ShareLunker Season Ends Quietly
ATHENS—After getting off to a fast start with three entries in November and December, the Toyota ShareLunker season sputtered to an end April 30 with a total of only nine entries.

Low lake levels, unseasonably cold spring temperatures and windy conditions on many weekends combined to limit angler opportunities to catch big bass. But the fish were out there, and those who persevered will be rewarded with replicas of their catches and ShareLunker clothing at a banquet at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center on June 7......Read More
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TPWD Seeks Information from Hand Fishing Anglers
ATHENS—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is seeking additional information to learn more about the practice of hand fishing for catfish in the state. Also known as noodling or grabbling, hand fishing was legalized in Texas in 2011.

“Because it is so new to our state, we are hoping to identify who hand-fishing anglers are and what their needs may be,” said Kris Bodine, a TPWD fisheries research biologist. “TPWD will be conducting a survey over the next 60 days to better understand the needs, opinions and characteristics of hand-fishing anglers in Texas.”.....Read More
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Toyota Texas Bass Classic Brings Big Benefits to TPWD, Local Economy and Lake Fork
ATHENS—The Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC) world championship bass tournament will return to Lake Fork May 9—11, 2014.

Designed to showcase one of the best trophy bass lakes in the world and the fisheries management that developed it, the TTBC has raised over $1.75 million for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) fisheries programs. This year’s tournament is expected to bring in an additional $250,000 in funding for the department’s youth fishing and outreach programs.
The TTBC was conceived on Lake Fork during a fishing trip involving professional angler Kelly Jordan and then TPWD commissioners T. Dan Friedkin and Donato Ramos. The first two TTBC tournaments were held on Lake Fork in 2007 and 2008 before moving to Lake Conroe.......Read More
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Public Comment Sought on Rules Requiring Draining of Water from Vessels
AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved for public comment a proposal to require that all boats operating on all public fresh water in Texas be drained after use to help combat the further spread of zebra mussels.

Under the water draining regulations that are currently in effect in 47 counties in North and Central Texas (see below for a link to the list of counties), persons leaving or approaching public water in the affected counties are required to drain all water from their vessels and on-board receptacles. This applies to all types and sizes of boats whether powered or not, personal watercraft, sailboats, kayaks/canoes, or any other vessel used on public waters.......Read More
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Neighborhood Fishin' Program Catfish Stockings Underway
ATHENS—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has begun stocking channel catfish into Neighborhood Fishin’ Program lakes in urban areas across Texas. Stockings will take place every two weeks through the summer and fall except during August, when high water temperatures may limit fish survival.

New to the Neighborhood Fishin’ program this year is Woldert Park Pond in Tyler. The park is located at 501 West 32nd street; the pond is downhill from the Glass Recreation Center.
Neighborhood Fishin’ is a program of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).

“Neighborhood Fishin’ aims to give Texas families a good place to fish close to where they live,” said Dave Terre, TPWD’s director of research and management for Inland Fisheries. “We estimate that more than 80,000 people a year participate in the program, and about half of those are children or adults who are new to fishing. Connecting kids to the outdoors through fishing makes them happier and healthier, and they do better in school. Outdoor lifestyles also strengthen families.”.....Read More
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Toyota Texas Bass Classic Brings Texas Sized Entertainment to Lake Fork
QUITMAN—The Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC) is returning to Lake Fork in a big way. The Sabine River Authority in Quitman will again host this world-class bass fishing tournament and outdoor country music festival. We are proud to announce our exceptional entertainment this year, featuring country super stars, Pat Green, Little Big Town, and Justin Moore......Read More
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Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to Host Eggfest
ATHENS—The fourth annual Athens Eggfest is scheduled for Saturday, April 12, at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC).

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cooking will end at 3 p.m. Tasting will continue until all the food is gone.

Regular admission to TFFC will be charged. Those who preregister will be allowed to taste for a $5 donation to the Friends of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center.

Persons who do not preregister can still taste by making a $10 donation to the Friends of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center at the event entrance......Read More
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5-Fish Seatrout Limit, Guadalupe River Trout Conservation Rules Adopted
AUSTIN — Expansion into the Texas coastal bend of special harvest regulations on spotted seatrout, and harvest modifications to the state’s only year-round freshwater trout fishery have been approved by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

As part of the 2014-15 Statewide Recreational and Commercial Fishing Proclamation, the Commission adopted rules to extend a 5-fish bag limit currently in effect in the Lower Laguna Madre up the coast through the Highway 457 bridge near Sargent with a five-year sunset date. The Commission modified the original proposal to set the possession limit on spotted seatrout for the area from the Lower Laguna Madre to the Highway 457 bridge twice the daily bag limit (10 fish in possession).......Read More
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Record Guadalupe Bass Caught from Colorado River
ATHENS—A 3.71-pound, 17-inch Guadalupe Bass caught from the Colorado River below Austin appears to qualify as a new state and world record in several categories.

Dr. Bryan Townsend of Austin was fly-fishing with guide Shea McClanahan on Saturday, February 1, when he landed the largest specimen of the state fish of Texas reported caught.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Inland Fisheries biologist Marcos De Jesus met the party at the river and assisted in transporting the fish to the Cabela’s in Buda, where it was weighed on a certified scale.

DNA testing confirmed the fish is pure Guadalupe bass......Read More
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Toyota Texas Bass Classic Looking for Volunteers
QUITMAN—The Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC) is seeking volunteers to help support the Texas sized outdoor music festival and world championship fishing event. The 8th annual TTBC is returning to Lake Fork, May 9-11, 2014. The event will host the world’s greatest anglers as well as chart topping country music performances. Fishing knowledge is not required and those who register now will receive an unforgettable experience.

Along with the memories, volunteers will receive exclusive tournament gear; including an official TTBC t-shirt, hat, lunch, volunteer badge (serves as general admission Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and a parking pass. Below you will find a list and brief description of the TTBC Committees......Read More
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Lake Austin Produces 7th ShareLunker of Season
ATHENS—Lake Austin produced its twentieth Toyota ShareLunker February 21 when Robert Whitehead of Austin caught a 13.19-pound bass while fishing the upper end of the lake.
Whitehead was fishing in five feet of water when the fish took his plastic worm about 1:30 p.m. The fish was 27.28 inches long and 19.84 inches in girth.

Toyota ShareLunker 555 is the seventh program entry of the current season. Previous entries have come from Lakes Fork, Athens and Palestine. Whitehead’s catch moved Lake Austin into a tie for fourth place (with Falcon International Reservoir) on the list of lakes producing the most ShareLunkers. Lake Fork has produced 256, O.H. Ivie and Alan Henry 25 each, and Sam Rayburn 23. ShareLunkers have come from 21 private water bodies.

Catches of big bass typically begin to increase in February and peak in March as water temperatures warm and fish begin moving into shallow water to spawn. So far this season catches number one in November and two each in December, January and February. Abnormally cold temperatures in December appear to have pushed back the start of spawning activity. However, with seven entries at the present time and the month of March just ahead, the ShareLunker program seems on track to receive the 20 entries it’s averaged in the past....Read More
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TPWD Proposing Seatrout Bag Limit Change, Gar Conservation Regulations
AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is proposing fishing regulation changes that will affect both salt and freshwater anglers. Some of the most noteworthy include changes to harvest regulations for flounder and spotted seatrout, the rainbow trout fishery on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake dam, and additional restrictions on the harvest of alligator gar during critical periods of spawning.....Read More
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Fly Fish Texas March 8 at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
ATHENS—Learn to tie a fly, cast a fly and catch a fish all in one day during the annual Fly Fish Texas event at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center March 8.

Throughout the day, experienced fly-tiers will be demonstrating and teaching fly-tying in the Anglers Pavilion on a one-on-one basis. In addition, group instruction in beginning fly-tying will be offered in the Hart-Morris Conservation Center beginning at noon. Both are offered on a walk-up basis.
Beginning casting instruction will take place all day in the Conservation Center parking lot, again on a walk-up basis. Scheduled sessions will teach single- and double-hand Spey rod casting....Read More
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Dates For Annual Crab Trap Removal Set
AUSTIN — Hoping to add to the pile of more than 33,449 derelict crab traps hauled from Texas bays since 2002, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department  officials are gearing up for the 14th annual Texas Abandoned Crab Trap Removal Program  Feb. 21 to March 2.

During this 10-day period, all Texas bays will be closed to crabbing with wire mesh crab traps.  Any traps left in the bay will be assumed abandoned and considered “litter” under state law. This allows volunteers to legally remove any crab traps they find.....Read More
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Zebra Mussels Confirmed in Lake Lavon
ATHENS—Zebra mussels have now been confirmed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Lake Lavon.

The presence of live zebra mussels or veligers, their larvae, has now been confirmed in six Texas water bodies: Lakes Texoma, Ray Roberts, Lewisville, Bridgeport, Belton, and Lavon.

A team of USGS scientists led by Dr. Christopher Churchill has been monitoring North Texas reservoirs and rivers for the presence of juvenile and adult zebra mussels as well as for the presence of zebra mussel DNA. Lake Lavon’s water samples recently tested positive for zebra mussel DNA and a veliger was also positively identified.....Read More
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Lakes Fork Does It Again: Third ShareLunker of the Season
ATHENS—Lake Fork produced its third Toyota ShareLunker of the season Sunday night.

Randall E. Claybourne of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was fishing by himself in 15 feet of water in the east arm of the lake when the 13.86-pound bass took his jig-and-craw lure about 11:20 p.m.

The fish was 25 inches long and 21 inches in girth. It was held for pickup at Lake Fork Marina, an official Toyota ShareLunker Weigh and Holding Station......Read More
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Texas State Fish Art Contest Seeks Entries
ATHENS–The Texas State-Fish Art Contest, headquartered at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC), reminds Texas teachers and students that the deadline for entries in the 2014 State-Fish Art Contest is March 31, 2014.

The contest is open to any student in public, private or home schools in grades K-12. Students must draw or paint any recognized state fish and write an essay about it. Complete contest details and entry forms can be found at www.tpwd.texas.gov/fishart.

New to the 2014 Texas State-Fish Art Contest will be prizes for the top 10 winners in each of the four grade categories courtesy of FishFlops®. Each of the top 40 Texas winners will receive official FishFlops® merchandise. FishFlops® were created by Galveston teenager Madison Nicole Robinson and are available at Nordstrom......Read More
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Lakes Fork and Athens Produce ShareLunker Bass
ATHENS—Lake Fork produced its second Toyota ShareLunker of the season December 27. The fish is also the second entry into the program during the current season.

On December 30 Lake Athens produced its second ShareLunker ever, a 13.76-pound fish caught by Jason Lee Hanson of Athens shortly after 9:00 a.m.

Blake Eppinette of Downsville, Louisiana, caught the 13.6-pound Lake Fork bass about 5:00 p.m. and took it to the Minnow Bucket, an official Toyota ShareLunker Weigh and Holding Station......Read More
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Public Meetings Set for Fisheries Regulation Changes
AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Coastal Fisheries Division will host seven public scoping meetings Jan. 7-Jan. 9 in several communities to discuss potential changes to Texas saltwater fishing regulations.

At these meetings, TPWD will be scoping several items for the upcoming 2014 statewide hunting and fishing proclamation process. The department is considering changes to the current flounder and spotted seatrout regulations to improve overall numbers in these fisheries......Read More
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Public Fishing Access Areas Open Again on Guadalupe
AUSTIN—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department  has signed temporary leased access agreements with four Guadalupe River property owners to expand public access to the trout fishery downstream of Canyon Lake.

Public fishing access will be available at Mountain Breeze Campground, Rio Guadalupe Resort (formerly Rio Raft and Resort), and Whitewater Sports from Friday through March 7. Public fishing access will also be available at Camp Huaco Springs beginning Friday  and continuing through February 2, 2014.

Recognized as one of the top 100 trout streams in America and the southernmost trout stream in the United States, this segment of the Guadalupe River is managed through special fishing regulations.....Read More
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Partnerships Revitalize Fishing at Inks Lake
ATHENS—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Inland Fisheries and State Parks divisions have partnered with other private groups to develop habitat enhancement projects to improve fishing opportunities at Inks Lake the past three years. Selected sites have been refurbished with brush, gravel and light structures designed to attract fish to areas accessible by boat and bank anglers.

Four open-water brush attractors were installed in September 2013; three underwater green lights were installed at the state park’s south pier in August, 2013; and a brush and gravel bed complex was installed at the state park’s north pier in February 2011.....Read More
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TPWD Trout Stockings to Begin November 27
ATHENS—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s popular rainbow trout stocking program will kick off November 27 with the first deliveries of fish to lakes in the Neighborhood Fishin’ program.

Stockings will continue until March with some lakes being stocked every two weeks and others on a monthly basis.

Channel catfish are stocked from April through October, and rainbow trout are stocked in winter months....Read More
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Game Warden STORM Team Investigating Boat Accident
CORPUS CHRISTI – Two members of a newly created forensic reconstruction and mapping team are helping Corpus Christi-area game wardens in their investigation of a boating accident that injured five persons Sunday on Lake Corpus Christi.

The accident occurred about 4 p.m. near where the Nueces River empties into the lake.
According to Game Warden Capt. James Dunks, an aluminum center console boat with seven people on board collided with an unknown fixed object. Of the five persons transported to a local hospital, two were flown out by helicopter....Read More
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Alien Plant in Lake Quitman
ATHENS—In recent weeks, the Inland Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) discovered a resurgence of the non-native aquatic plant water hyacinth at Lake Quitman. This plant is a free-floating (non-rooted) aquatic plant native to South America. It was originally introduced into North America in the late 1800s and has been widely spread around the country through the water garden and aquarium trade, and by boaters. The plant is popular with water garden enthusiasts primarily due to its attractive lavender or pink flower; however, water hyacinth is a prohibited plant in Texas and is illegal to sell or possess...Read More
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TPWD to Hold Public Meeting to Consider Trout Fishing Regulation Changes for Guadalupe River
ATHENS —Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will hold a public meeting to take comments on changes being considered to the trout fishing regulations for the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake Dam.

The public meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Events Center, Meeting Room A; 801 West San Antonio Street, New Braunfels.

Current regulations for rainbow trout and brown trout on the Guadalupe River from the Canyon Lake Dam to the easternmost bridge crossing on FM 306 consist of a five-fish daily bag limit, and trout of any size may be harvested. For the section of the river downstream of the F.M. 306 bridge crossing to the second bridge crossing on the River Road, only trout 18 inches and longer may be harvested, and anglers are allowed to harvest one trout per day. Harvest is further restricted in this area to trout caught on artificial lures.......Read More
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New Fishing Regulations
Coastal Fisheries
-A possible change in the federal red snapper regulations in Texas waters is under consideration; check Fishing in Federal Waters for updates.

-Fish harassment was clarified to make it unlawful to harry, herd or drive fish to concentrate them for taking. See Fishing Regulations.

-It is now legal to simultaneously possess a red drum tag and a bonus red drum tag.

-Beginning Sept. 1, a new law passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature takes effect all along the Texas coast, prohibiting the uprooting of seagrass with an outboard motor propeller....Read More
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13 Tips for Catching a 13 lb Bass
ATHENS—Every year Toyota ShareLunker program coordinator Juan Martinez talks to anglers still excited and shaking from the experience of landing a 13-pound or bigger largemouth bass, and every year almost all the stories are the same: The person never expected to catch a bass that size and was unprepared to deal with it.

Take a hint from the Boy Scouts: Be Prepared. Follow these 13 steps to catching a 13-pound bass and you will be ready......Read More
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Toyota ShareLunker Season 28 Begins October 1
ATHENS—The 28th season of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Toyota ShareLunker program will begin October 1.

Anyone legally catching a 13-pound or bigger largemouth bass from Texas waters, public or private, between October 1 and April 30 may submit the fish to the Toyota ShareLunker program. Fish will be picked up by TPWD personnel within 12 hours.

Anglers entering fish into the Toyota ShareLunker program receive a free replica of their fish, a certificate and ShareLunker clothing and are recognized at a banquet at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. The person who catches the season’s largest entry will be named Angler of the Year. If the Angler of the Year is a Texas resident, that person also receives a lifetime fishing license....Read More
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Game Wardens Arrest Fishing Tournament Director
AUSTIN — Texas Game Wardens have arrested Michael Shane McCloud of Florida (formerly of Bryan-College Station) for theft related to a fishing tournament.

Following his arrest, the 44-year-old McCloud was booked into the Jasper County Jail. No bond has been set.

The investigation that culminated in his arrest began in June 2012 after authorities received numerous complaints related to fishing tournament prize payouts that allegedly did not occur. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Wardens and investigators with other law enforcement agencies spent more than a year looking into the practices and methods McCloud used to promote a bass tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn in June 2012......Read More
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11-Year-Old is State's Youngest Elite Angler
ATHENS — Keatyn Eitelman of Pottsboro became Texas’ 25th Elite Freshwater Angler—and the state’s youngest—on August 2, 2013, less than two weeks before his eleventh birthday. He finished this task when he caught a 21.25-inch, 5.5-pound largemouth bass from Lake Texoma on July 23 and submitted it for a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Big Fish Award.

An Elite Angler is a one-time achievement award for an angler who catches trophy-class fish of five different species. There are freshwater and saltwater categories. To be eligible, an angler must earn five freshwater or five saltwater Big Fish Awards. A Big Fish Award is given for a fish meeting or exceeding a minimum length for each species.....Read More
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Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament Set for Sept 28
ATHENS, Texas—The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center’s annual Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament will take place this year on Saturday, September 28.

Numerous prize packages will be awarded, including an X-Box 360 with game, fishing equipment and gift cards from local businesses. More than $2,500 in prizes will be awarded.....Read More
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State Agencies Asking Texans to Share How Drought has Affected their Lives
AUSTIN — What does your Texas drought look like? With more than 97 percent of Texas suffering from drought conditions, that’s what the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) want to know. This coalition of state agencies today launched an interactive public awareness campaign inviting Texans to submit personal photos capturing what the drought looks like for them and how it has impacted their lives.

From now through September 30, Texans are invited to share their original photographs of the drought on Flickr, Instagram and other social media platforms. Photos should illustrate how the drought is affecting daily life—whether it is dry creek beds, withered crops, native plants flourishing in the dry climate or the innovative water conservation measures Texans are using to combat drought.....Read More
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International Enforcement Effort Exposes Web-Based Wildlife Trafficking Operation in Texas
AUSTIN – Scores of illegal wildlife traffickers face federal and state charges for selling protected species online last summer.The cases result from a coordinated undercover law enforcement operation conducted simultaneously by Texas game wardens, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, other states and federal agencies, and three Asian countries.

Operation Wild Web, a coordinated effort between the USFWS and the other participating agencies, resulted in more than 150 arrests involving federal wildlife crimes....Read More
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Texas Game Wardens Experience Busy 4th of July
AUSTIN – Case numbers coming in following the July 4th holiday weekend show concentrated enforcement efforts on the state’s lakes and waterways had a significant safety impact.

Starting with Operation Dry Water the weekend prior to the holiday, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens focused on efforts to reduce the number of boat operators operating under the influence. From June 28 to June 30, game wardens arrested 15 subjects for operating under the influence of alcohol. During the weekend, more than 8,000 vessels were checked and roughly 28,000 boaters were contacted....Read More
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July Time to Take Kayak or Canoe Trip in Texas
AUSTIN – Join one of the fastest-growing segments of outdoor recreation and have some cool summer fun by kayaking or canoeing dozens of Texas’ easily accessible and scenic waterways in a state park or along a designated Texas Paddling Trail.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has made it easier than ever to find that perfect spot to get a close-up look at nature by paddling on more than 50 marked and well-mapped Texas paddling trails offering everything from bayou, river and lake routes to sojourns through salt-sprayed coastal bays....Read More
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2013 Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Season Opens July 15
AUSTIN — The Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season for both state and federal waters will open 30 minutes after sunset Monday, July 15. The opening date is based on an evaluation of the biological, social and economic information to maximize the benefits to the industry and the public.
In making its determination, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Division used the best available scientific information including samples collected by using trawls and bag seines in TPWD routine data collection...Read More
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New Texas Laws Protect Sea Grass, Control Invasive Species
AUSTIN – Two of the dozens of bills that came out of the 83rd Texas Legislature affect boaters, anglers and other Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stakeholders.

One measure is a new law that will expand seagrass protection coast-wide. The other authorizes rules requiring boaters to drain and dry their vessels to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species like zebra mussels....Read More
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State Parks Offers Summer Angling Opportunities
AUSTIN – Fish are biting as the weather warms up, and many Texans are eager to get outdoors to reel in bass, catfish, redfish and other sport fish.

With 15 Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes stocked with catfish and more than 70 Texas State Parks with fishable waters, finding a place to fish in Texas is easier than ever. Plus, anglers of all ages are reminded that they don’t need a fishing license to fish inside state parks, which offer fresh or saltwater fishing from shore, pier or boat.....Read More
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National Marine Fisheries Sets Red Snapper Season at 28 Days
AUSTIN – NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service yesterday announced a 28-day recreational red snapper fishing season in Gulf of Mexico federal waters. NMFS indicated it will publish a temporary rule in the federal register on June 10 to establish a Gulf-wide season closure at 12:01 a.m., June 29. This sets the end date for the red snapper season that started June 1.

The NMFS rule states “On May 31, 2013 the U.S. District Court for the southern district of Texas, Brownsville Division, set aside a March 25, 2013 emergency rule that gave the NMFS Regional Administrator the authority to close the recreational sector for red snapper in the [federal] EEZ off individual Gulf states. Therefore, NMFS adjusts the closure of the recreational sector for red snapper by closing the entire Gulf EEZ on June 29, 2013, instead of closing the EEZ on different days off individual Gulf states.”......Read More
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"Clean, Drain & Dry" Regimen Bad News for Zebra Mussels
AUSTIN — Nothing ruins a zebra mussel’s day more than a boater who Cleans, Drains and Dries his boat to prevent the spread of this small but devastating aquatic invasive species.
With thousands of Texans planning to head to their favorite lakes this Memorial Day weekend, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is urging boaters and anglers to follow the simple Clean, Drain and Dry procedure to keep zebra mussels from further expansion in the state.

“Now that water temperatures are getting warmer, zebra mussels are approaching their peak period of reproduction,” explains Brian Van Zee, TPWD Inland Fisheries Regional Director. “The best way to stop zebra mussels is for boaters who operate their vessels on Lakes Texoma, Lewisville or Ray Roberts, to Clean, Drain and Dry their boats before launching into another body of water.”

Zebra mussels became established in Lake Texoma in 2009 and last year were found in Lake Ray Roberts and the Elm Fork of the Trinity River above Lake Lewisville. They can expand their range farther by hitching a ride on boats and trailers that have been immersed in waters where they have established populations.......Read More
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Bass Pros Pair With Military Vets for Lake Lewisville Tournament
The 2ndAnnual TOPS Bass Fishing Competition launches the morning of June 8 from Westlake Park on Lewisville Lake. A part of SummerFest on the Lake, the competition is for our military service members, veterans, and their families. Al Telese, LTC, US Army (Ret), Founder, President & CEO of Networking Warriors of America, says, "Fishing is great outdoor therapy. It provides an opportunity for the soldier to get in touch with the community, to relax and to get away from the chaos of their lives."
Military warriors and veterans from Texas and Oklahoma will compete to win their state's 2013 Lewisville Lake Bass fishing bragging rights. For the competition Oklahoma and Texas soldiers will be paired with top Triton Boat pros and other fishing pros. While the soldiers are fishing, their families will enjoy fun activities at the park and throughout the day at Summerfest.

"Fishing is a time for the soldiers to forget the world for a while -- to forget about medical problems and their day-to-day challenges," Bob LaMarch, Bassin' Guide Service and longtime supporter explained. "All they have to think about is their next cast, next lure and next fish."......Read More
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Toyota ShareLunker Season Ends With Mixed Results
ATHENS—The Toyota ShareLunker program received a below-average number of entries during the season just ended, but the number of lakes producing 13-pound or bigger largemouth bass continued to increase, and investments in DNA testing showed promising results.

One season highlight was the catch of a 12.54-pound ShareLunker offspring from Lake Naconiche near Nacogdoches and the subsequent identification of the parentage of the fish using archived DNA samples.

Ten fish were intergrades and two were pure Florida largemouth bass. The two pure Florida entries spawned, producing a total of 58,550 eggs. In addition, a ShareLunker offspring from a research lake produced 36, 957 eggs. Each lake producing an entry this past season will receive a share of the fingerlings resulting from those spawns.......Read More
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Naconiche Record Fish is ShareLunker Descendant
ATHENS—On December 4, 2004, Jerry Campos was fishing for largemouth bass on Falcon International Reservoir when he caught a 14.28-pound fish that became ShareLunker 370. On April 13, 2013, Allen Lane Kruse of Nacogdoches caught a 12.54-pound bass from Lake Naconiche that has been submitted as a water-body and catch-and-release record for the new impoundment near Nacogdoches.

The connection? DNA testing revealed that ShareLunker 370, which spawned at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens, is the mother of the Lake Naconiche fish. If Campos had not entered his fish into the ShareLunker program, Kruse would not have had the opportunity to catch his fish, because it would not have existed.....Read More
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Best Little Bass Lake in Texas Planned for Wichita Falls
ATHENS—What’s more fun than catching a big bass? For many people, it’s catching a lot of bass.
That’s the theory behind a new kind of urban fishing lake Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is developing in Wichita Falls with the help of the City of Wichita Falls and the local Academy store.

TPWD’s Neighborhood Fishin’ Program (NFP) partners with local governments to stock small neighborhood lakes with rainbow trout and channel catfish every two weeks throughout most of the year. This program enables many Texans living in urban areas to have enjoyable fishing experiences close to home that includes keeping some fish to eat. Wichita Falls residents have an NFP pond, South Weeks Pond, available for their fishing pleasure.......Read More
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TPWD Approves Changes to Fishing Regulationos
AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has adopted fishing regulation changes on two largemouth bass fisheries in East Texas, and new possession rules in state waters for aquatic resources taken in the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) as part of the 2013-14 Statewide Recreational and Commercial Fishing Proclamation.
The regulations go into effect Sept. 1......Read More
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Lake Amon Carter Produces ShareLunker No. 546
ATHENS—Once again an angler has proved it’s not the size of the lake that counts, it’s the size of the fish in the lake—at least when it comes to catching big bass.

On the morning of March 19 Johnny Spruiell of Iowa Park was fishing in three feet of water in South East Cove when a 13.75-pound bass took his 7-inch Power Worm. The fish was 26.5 inches long and 21 inches in girth and is now Toyota ShareLunker 546.

Lake Amon G. Carter is operated by the City of Bowie. The 1,848-acre lake is served by two boat ramps. It has a history of producing big bass in mid-March. The lake record, a 14.44-pounder, was caught March 15, 1996.....Read More
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Zebra Mussel DNA Detected in Five North Texas Lakes
ATHENS—The latest tests and monitoring looking for zebra mussels in North Texas lakes yielded mixed results.

While zebra mussel DNA was detected in Lakes Texoma, Ray Roberts, Lewisville, Bridgeport and Bob Sandlin, no zebra mussel populations could be confirmed by physical inspection in Lewisville, Bridgeport and Bob Sandlin....Read More
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Lake Palestine Produces ShareLunker Bass
ATHENS—Lake Palestine produced its first Toyota ShareLunker March 2, becoming the sixty-fourth public reservoir in Texas to allow an angler to land a 13-pound or larger largemouth bass.
Lindell Booth, Jr., of Chandler was fishing Kickapoo Creek on the upper end of the East Texas reservoir when the 13.14-pound bass took his green pumpkin Brush Hog in eight feet of water. The fish was 26.25 inches long and 21.25 inches in girth.

The fish is entry number 545 into the ShareLunker program. It was caught during a Media Bass tournament and is the new lake record largemouth bass.....Read More
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ShareLunker Bite Heats Up: Lake O’ the Pines, Toledo Bend, Lake Fork
ATHENS—Toyota ShareLunker entries came from three East Texas reservoirs within the last week.

February 14 Thomas McCraven of Gladewater caught Toyota ShareLunker 542, a 13.23-pounder from Lake O’ the Pines. McCraven caught the fish in six feet of water in Allen Creek using a Baby Brush Hog. The fish was 24.75 inches long and 21 inches in girth. It was held for pickup at Johnson Creek Marina, an official Toyota ShareLunker Weigh and Holding Station.

The next day, Toledo Bend Reservoir gave up a 13.06-pound bass to Casey Martin of Anacoco, Louisiana, who was fishing the FLW Everstart tournament. Martin’s fish, now Toyota ShareLunker 543, was 26 inches long and 21 inches in girth. Catch details were not revealed.

On February 19 Mark Hall of Winnsboro pulled a 13.11-pounder, Toyota ShareLunker 544, from Lake Fork. Hall was fishing for crappie when they stopped biting. “I know from experience that when the crappie stop biting, it’s because bass have moved in and starting feeding on them,” he said. Hall quickly switched to a swim-bait, and the big bass smashed it right at the surface on the retrieve....Read More
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Toyota ShareLunker 541 Comes from Falcon Int'l Reservoir
ATHENS—Falcon International Reservoir joined the Toyota ShareLunker action on Thursday, February 7, with a 13.4-pound entry into the ShareLunker program.

Isaac Denson of Monahans was fishing in two to three feet of water when the big bass hit about 11:30 a.m. The fish was 26.5 inches long and 20 inches in girth.

The fish was weighed and held for pickup at the official Toyota ShareLunker Weigh and Holding Station at Falcon State Park. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department staff from the A.E. Wood State Fish Hatchery in San Marcos picked the fish up and took it to San Marcos, where it is awaiting the results of DNA testing.

If the fish is pure Florida largemouth, it will be taken to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens and held for spawning; otherwise, it will be returned to the lake as quickly as possible.

The fish is the fifth entry of the season into the Toyota ShareLunker program, following entries from Lakes Austin, Fork (two entries) and Dunlap....Read More
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Toyota ShareLunker 540 Comes from Lake Fork
ATHENS—Richard Scibek of Granbury went to Lake Fork Saturday to enjoy a day of fishing with his friend James Quisenberry.

Using a black salty (a type of goldfish), Scibek caught a 16.04-pound largemouth bass that ties with another Lake Fork fish as the twenty-second largest bass ever caught in Texas. The fish was 25.75 inches long and 23 inches in girth.

Scibek’s fish is the largest to come from Lake Fork since 2002. On March 22, 2002, the lake produced bass weighing 16.12 and 15.65 pounds.

The 16.04-pound weight puts Scibek in the lead for Angler of the Year honors. The person catching the largest ShareLunker of the season receives a prize package from G. Loomis and, if the person is a Texas resident, a lifetime fishing license.

Lake Fork has now produced 16 bass weighing 16 pounds or more, and holds 32 spots on the list of the 50 biggest bass ever caught in Texas. (Because of a four-way tie for fiftieth place, there are actually 53 fish on the list.)...Read More
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Wanted: Coastal Ghost Busters
AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is looking for volunteers interested in helping to remove abandoned crab traps — ghostlike killers of marine life — from their haunts along the coast.

Starting Feb. 15 and continuing through Feb. 24, all Texas bays will be closed for crabbing. Any traps left in the water will be assumed to be abandoned and considered “litter” under state law. This allows volunteers to legally remove any crab traps they find.

Since TPWD’s Abandoned Crab Trap Removal Program began in 2002, a total of 29,552 wire mesh traps have been removed and disposed of, mainly on the mid and upper coast. This year, the department hopes to see the count rise above 30,000....Read More
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Time to Begin Work on Texas Fish-Art Contest Entries
ATHENS—Student artists across Texas in grades K — 12 take notice: It’s time to start preparing your entries for the 2013 Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest.

The contest is open to all students in public, private or home schools. Entry deadline is March 31 each year.

Contest rules, guidelines, entry information and details about the contest can be found at www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishart.

Major support for the Texas division of the contest is provided by the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, which makes it possible for the top three Texas entries in each grade level to win cash prizes. Additional support for the contest is provided by the William E. Armentrout Foundation, Friends of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center and Fish Flops®.

The Texas first-place winner in grades 10—12 wins $1,000; second place $750; third place $500. Prizes in the 4—6 and 7—9 grade levels are $100 for first; $75 for second; $50 for third....Read More
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New Devil's River Permit Process Takes Effect Feb. 1
AUSTIN – Beginning Feb. 1, any paddler planning to put in or take out of the Devils River on public lands managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in Val Verde County must first obtain a permit from TPWD.

The new Devils River Access Permit is a key component of a pilot program designed to provide opportunities for responsible, resource-compatible public use of the Devils River, while respecting private landowner rights and protecting the ecological health of the river and its fragile ecosystem. Implementation of a permitting system was one of the key recommendations of the original Devils River Working Group that endeavored to strike a balance between private landowner rights and recreational river use by the public....Read More
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Top Bass Lakes in Texas
ATHENS—In reservoirs scattered throughout Texas, under the black skies of cool, fall nights, loud generators drone and bright lights beam from strange-looking boats built to transmit electrical current into the water to catch fish. Crews from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Inland Fisheries district offices use these electrofishing boats to collect information on fish populations, including Texas’ most popular fish—largemouth bass.

Bass anglers are always searching for hot lakes, for bass populations that are primed for great fishing opportunities. With this in mind, TPWD’s Spencer Dumont used electrofishing information collected from over 4,800 adult bass (8 inches and longer) in 78 hours of electrofishing effort at 935 different shoreline sites from 62 reservoirs in Fall 2012 to rank the top ten bass populations in terms of small bass, keeper bass and quality bass.

What he found may simply confirm what you already knew. But more likely it will surprise you....Read More
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TPWD Seeks Input on Possible Coastal Fishery Regulation Changes
AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has scheduled three public scoping meetings in January to gather input about possible regulation changes for 2013-14. The scoping items include incorporation of a rule regarding recreational possession limit, clarification of fish harassment rules, bonus red drum tag requirement changes and new possession rules in state waters for aquatic resources in excess of federal limits...Read More
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ShareLunker 538 Comes from Lake Fork
ATHENS—Gary Sims of Gunter, Texas, caught Toyota ShareLunker 538 from Lake Fork December 12. The fish weighed 15.02 pounds and was held for pickup at Oak Ridge Marina, an official Toyota ShareLunker weigh and holding station.

Examination revealed the fish was caught previously on March 13, 2011, by Ed Carter of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. At that time the fish weighed 14.25 pounds and was 22.25 inches in girth and 25 inches long and was Toyota ShareLunker 518. The fish is now 22 inches in girth and 25.25 inches long....Read More
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Increased Access Available for Guadalpe Trout Anglers
AUSTIN—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has signed temporary leased access agreements with four Guadalupe River property owners to expand free public fishing access to the trout fishery downstream of Canyon Reservoir. In addition, new access sites for anglers are slated to open on the Brazos, Neches and Colorado rivers in time for high-quality spring fishing opportunities.

Recognized as one of the top 100 trout streams in America and the southernmost trout stream in the United States, the Guadalupe River below Canyon Reservoir is the only stocked trout fishery in Texas where trout survive through the summer. Free fishing access to the trout fishery is now available at Whitewater Sports, Rio Raft and Resort and Mountain Breeze Campground. Additional free fishing access will be available at Camp Huaco Springs beginning December 7, 2012...Read More
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Illegal Gillnet Activity Increasing Along Lower Coast
AUSTIN — With more than a month left in 2012, state game wardens already are looking at a record number of seizures of illegal gill nets and long lines in Texas and U.S. waters along the lower coast.

On Nov. 20, the U.S. Coast Guard notified the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that following a three-mile pursuit by one of its boats, coast guardsmen had apprehended a commercial fishing vessel from Mexico in Texas waters. At the South Padre Island Coast Guard station, game warden Sgt. James Dunks removed an illegal gill net from the seized Mexican “launcha” and found some 180 sharks entangled in it........... .......Read More
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Winter Trout Stocking Locations
AUSTIN – For an inexpensive, entry-level fishing experience the entire family can enjoy, it doesn’t get much easier than winter rainbow trout fishing in Texas.

Beginning in December and continuing through March, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will stock upwards of 250,000 hatchery-reared rainbow trout at more than 100 sites across the state. Many of the fish stockings will be conducted at small community fishing lakes, state park lakes and popular river tailraces offering easy angling access.

Locations such as Beal Park Lake in Midland, Eisenhower Park Pond in Houston, and Waldron Park in Corpus Christi will be stocked this winter.

TPWD has been stocking rainbow trout in small urban lakes, state park lakes and popular river tailraces each winter since the 1970s, providing Texans a simple and economical opportunity to go fishing.....Read More
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Group Recommends Ways to Protect Texas Seagrass
AUSTIN – An advisory group of fishing, boating and conservation interests has made nine recommendations to protect seagrass and five to reduce user conflicts along the Texas coast, Texas Parks and Wildlife Commissioners were told in a briefing here this week.

The 19-member Coastal User Working Group was created by TPW Commission Chairman Dan Friedkin of Houston and led by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Riechers, with representatives from the fishing, guiding, paddling, airboating, and birding communities, TPWD Law Enforcement, and various conservation organizations. The group met several times in recent months and recently completed a report containing its recommendations......Read More
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Fall Weather Adds to Appeal of Texas State Parks
AUSTIN – With summer vacations a distant memory, cooler temperatures on the horizon and foliage morphing into dazzling shades of crimson and gold, autumn promises optimum camping conditions in a Texas State Park near you.

Whether you’re a novice to the outdoors or seasoned camper, there’s no better time of year to pitch a tent or park your camper on a sunny beach, beneath towering pines or overlooking a sparkling lake at such destinations as Galveston Island, Buescher and Possum Kingdom state parks.

“Fall’s a perfect time to camp out because of cooler evenings, but daytime temperatures typically remain warm enough to enjoy water-based activities like canoeing and fishing,” says Ky Harkey, Texas State Parks outdoor education team leader......Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

NBC to Broadcast Toyota Texas Bass Classic November 11
ATHENS—More than 75 million homes will be able to watch this year’s Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC) when it airs on NBC Sports Network November 11. Considered the world championship of bass fishing, the TTBC event was held in Conroe September 28-30 and featured three days of country music and a barbecue cook-off championship.

“Being able to air on NBC Sports Network is a great showcase for the world’s top anglers,” Tournament Director Lenny Francoeur said. “Sharing TTBC with such a large number of people is exciting, and it provides Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s conservation and education efforts with a broader audience. Fans will get a great look at what professional anglers deal with during competition.”

As the broadcast partner of TTBC, NBC Sports Network will air the championship in an hour-long broadcast. There will also be one weekday re-air, to be announced at a later date. The debut will air on Sunday, November 11, 2012, at 8:00 a.m. CST......Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Largemouth Bass at Lake Sweetwater Face Uncertain Future
ATHENS — Lake Sweetwater, the small—and shrinking—emerald jewel of West Texas lakes, is loaded with largemouth bass. However, a dropping water level and declining bluegill numbers could signal trouble ahead for Sweetwater’s bass.

Sweetwater, which filled in fall 2007, has since experienced a 17-foot drop in water level, 10 feet of that since 2011. “And to add insult to injury, all that rain we had a few weeks ago missed Sweetwater’s watershed,” said Spencer Dumont, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Inland Fisheries regional director.

Normally a dropping water level is tough enough on fish populations. For example, bluegill—a favorite food of largemouth bass—declined from over 1,000 bluegill in one hour of electrofishing in 2009 to just 69 bluegill in one hour this fall. Such a decline could eventually lead to slower growth and a stockpile of smaller bass. Add the possibility of golden alga blooms to a dropping water level and you have a two-headed monster, the same monster responsible for Sweetwater’s slow and torturous demise from 1998-2007, when the lake dropped over 40 feet and golden alga killed most of the remaining fish......Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Toyota ShareLunker 537 Comes from Lake Austin
ATHENS—Bennett Cowan of San Marcos caught Toyota ShareLunker 537 about 2:00 a.m. October 16 from Lake Austin.

The 14.28-pound fish was 20.5 inches in girth and 27.25 inches long. Lake Austin has now produced 18 entries into the ShareLunker program, five of which weighed 14 pounds or more.

Cowan’s catch was also the earliest entry into the ShareLunker program from Lake Austin. The earliest previous entry into the program from the lake came on January 27, 2011. Two entries have come from the lake in January, seven each in February and March, and one in April.....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Outdoor Halloween Events Scheduled at Texas State Parks
AUSTIN – If you’re looking for a different and healthier way to help your youngsters celebrate Halloween, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department invites you to visit its state parks and fisheries centers for some special treats.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Valley View invites all little ghosts and goblins to the Johnson Branch unit of the park on Oct. 20 for the Spooky Critter Hike from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The park will host a very special night of family fun, candy, surprises and educational talk about critters of the night! Each time you find a night critter with a ranger on our short hike, there will be a treat waiting for you! Participants are encouraged to dress up! ....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Bryan Thrift Wins Toyota Texas Bass Classic
Enduring a field of 50 of the world?s best bass anglers, and brutally rough wind and rain conditions during Sunday's championship round, Bryan Thrift of Shelby, NC, boated a five-fish, 25-pound stringer on the final day of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic to run away with the top spot and a $150,000 prize package. Thrift brought in a three-day total of 15 fish, weighing 53 pounds, 4 ounces. ....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ShareLunker Season Right Around the Corner
ATHENS—The 27th season of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Toyota ShareLunker program will begin October 1.

Title sponsor Toyota has agreed to fund the angler recognition program for another three years. Anglers entering fish into the Toyota ShareLunker program receive a free replica of their fish, a certificate and ShareLunker clothing and are recognized at a banquet at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. The person who catches the season’s largest entry will be named Angler of the Year. If the Angler of the Year is a Texas resident, that person also receives a lifetime fishing license.....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

$100,000 Up for Grabs at Toyota Texas Big Bass Classic ShareLunker Tournament
ATHENS—The Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC) is proud to welcome back the ShareLunker Club Tournament (SCT) on Lake Conroe, Oct. 1–21, 2012. Once again, members will have the opportunity to compete for $100,000, and this year, participants will also be competing against the world’s top anglers.

To participate in the tournament, anglers will need to first register and become a SCT member, and then fish on Lake Conroe between Oct. 1 – 21, 2012 (the “Tournament Period”). A $100 fee is required to become a member and only pre-registered members will be eligible for the $100,000 prize. The member who catches the largest Toyota ShareLunker from Lake Conroe during the Tournament Period will win a cash prize of $100,000. A portion of the program proceeds will benefit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s youth outreach programs.....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Three New Public Fishing Access Areas Open on the Guadalupe River
AUSTIN—Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has signed temporary leased access agreements with three Guadalupe River property owners to expand public fishing access to the trout fishery downstream of Canyon Lake.

Access is now available through Mountain Breeze Campground, Rio Raft and Resort, and Whitewater Sports.

Recognized as one of the top 100 trout streams in America and the southernmost trout stream in the United States, this segment of the Guadalupe River is managed through special fishing regulations and is stocked in the winter months by TPWD  and the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

TFFC Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament September 29
ATHENS, Texas—The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center’s annual Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament will take place this year on Saturday, September 29.

Numerous prize packages will be awarded, including an X-Box 360 with game, fishing equipment and gift cards from local businesses. More than $2,500 in prizes will be awarded.

Sponsors of the event include: Wulf Outdoor Sports, Lake Athens Property Owners Association, Aaron’s Sales and Lease Ownership, Best Western Royal Mountain Inn, Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites—Athens, WalMart Supercenter of Athens, Chicken Express and First State Bank.

Sponsors also include Lake Fork Trophy Lures and Brookshire’s Grocery. Brookshire’s will provide free bottled water to contestants.

The tournament awards prizes for the heaviest stringers of sunfish, but the event is really about adults and children having fun fishing together....Read More
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Toyota Texas Bass Classic Announces First Group of Qualifiers
ATHENS — The Toyota Texas Bass Classic has long been considered a world championship of bass fishing, bringing the top anglers to Lake Conroe year after year, and with the first set of qualifiers to the 2012 field, the tournament will continue to be a showcase for the world’s best.

The top 15 Professional Anglers Association members from the 2012 Walmart FLW Tour Angler of the Year List have qualified for the tournament. Highlights from the field include Angler of the Year David Dudley and 2009 Toyota Texas Bass Champion Dave Lefebre.

The Toyota Texas Bass Classic will take place Sept. 28-30 at the Lone Star Convention & Expo Center in Conroe.....Read More
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Hill Country River and Stream Anglers Survey Underway
AUSTIN — Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Inland Fisheries Division is partnering with Texas Tech University’s Department of Biological Sciences and the TTU Llano River Field Station to conduct a four-month survey of anglers who fish Texas Hill Country rivers and streams.

The survey will determine recreational angling effort (time spent fishing), gather information on angler attitudes and opinions, and evaluate the economic impact of angling in the region’s rivers and streams.

Anglers who have fished a Hill Country river or stream during the past 12 months are encouraged to participate in the survey.  Information from anglers who target Guadalupe bass, the state fish of Texas, is of special interest.  TPWD is engaged in an ongoing effort to restore and preserve Guadalupe bass populations in the Llano, Blanco, Pedernales, San Antonio and James River watersheds....Read More
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Youth Sets New Striper Record on Lake Texoma
ATHENS — Drake Hunter Holmes of Sherman shattered the junior angler Lake Texoma record for striped bass Sunday with a 5.03-pound, 23.5-inch-long fish.

Holmes caught the fish while fishing with his dad, Kennith Holmes. If approved as the official record, the fish will beat the old record of 2.68 pounds caught by Mitchell Kisel of Denison. He caught the striper while they were slabbing on the Table Top area just outside the Little Mineral Arm of Lake Texoma.

Kennith Holmes said Drake has caught bigger stripers, but they did not realize what the record was until they went to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) website (www.tpwd.state.tx.us ) to check.....Read More
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TPWD Seeks Businesses to Weigh Big Fish
ATHENS — Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Angler Recognition Program will launch a new tool this fall to assist Texas anglers in locating certified public scales for weighing record catches. Businesses that agree to participate will be publicized as official weigh stations on the TPWD website.

The new initiative is designed to partner with fishing-oriented businesses and facilities that will be provided official signage and a supply of Angler Recognition Program applications. There is no fee to participate, but participants will be required to keep their scales certified on an annual basis.

Businesses and facilities that wish to participate are invited to sign up now......Read More
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Emergency Zebra Mussels Order Signed
AUSTIN – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Executive Director Carter Smith has signed an emergency order adding Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville to the list of water bodies under special regulations intended to control the spread of zebra mussels.

Smith’s action comes following the discovery in mid-July that the destructive invasive species had been found in Lake Ray Roberts, north of Denton.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission earlier this year amended TPWD’s regulations to require that boats operated on Lake Texoma and Lake Lavon be drained (including live wells and bilges) before they leave those water bodies. Taking this precaution is crucial in efforts to slow the spread of this species, since contaminated boats are one of the primary ways this happens. Draining water from boats prevents the spread of a microscopic form of the zebra mussel called a veliger, which is invisible to the naked eye......Read More
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Zebra Mussels Found in Lake Ray Roberts
AUSTIN – Three years after the discovery that zebra mussels had established themselves in Lake Texoma, the destructive invasive species has been confirmed in Lake Ray Roberts north of Denton. This is only the second lake in Texas found to have zebra mussels, and the first in the Trinity River basin.

“Unfortunately, from an environmental and economic standpoint, this is very bad news,” says Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Executive Director Carter Smith. “For a host of reasons the implications of this discovery are substantial to Texas waters and their future use and management. We intend to continue working with our partners to do everything reasonably possible to try and prevent the further spread of this harmful invasive species.”.....Read More
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Texas Early Migratory Seasons Set for Dove, Teal, Geese
AUSTIN — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service SRC (Service Regulations Committee) has approved the 2012-2013 Texas early migratory game bird seasons, including a 70-day season and 15-bird daily bag statewide for dove, a 16-day early season statewide for teal, and 16-day early season for Canada geese in the Eastern Goose Zone.

Texas dove season in the North and Central Dove Zones will run from Saturday, Sept. 1 through Wednesday, Oct. 24 and reopen Saturday, Dec. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 6, with a 15-bird daily bag and not more than two white-tipped doves.

The South Zone dove season will run Friday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 28, reopening Saturday, Dec. 22 through Tuesday, Jan. 22 with a 15-bird daily bag and not more than two white-tipped doves......Read More
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Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Season to Open July 15
AUSTIN — The Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season for both state and federal waters will open 30 minutes after sunset Sunday, July 15, 2012. The opening date is based on an evaluation of the biological, social and economic information to maximize the benefits to the industry and the public.

In making its determination, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Division used the best available scientific information including samples collected by using trawls and bag seines in TPWD routine data collection......Read More
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TFFC Gearing Up for Fourth of July Fireworks
ATHENS, Texas—Preparations are under way for the annual Fourth of July fireworks show at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC). The show will last approximately one-half hour and is one of the biggest in East Texas.

The fireworks show is directed and produced by Alpha-Lee Enterprises, Inc., of Liverpool, Texas. The show is a Keep Athens Beautiful event.

TFFC will be open for regular visitation from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free admission for the fireworks show will start at 4 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to fish in the stocked casting pond while waiting for the fireworks, which will begin at dark. No license is required to fish, and bait and tackle are furnished for free. Fishing ends approximately one-half hour before the fireworks begin.......Read More
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Angler's Legacy Program Offers Anglers Chance to Share the Gift of Fishing
ATHENS—It is generally recognized that getting young people involved in the outdoors benefits them in many ways. Research shows that children who engage in outdoor activities are happier and do better in school. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Inland Fisheries biologist Spencer Dumont of Abilene has some suggestions on how to make that happen.

“Many times over the years anglers have asked me what they can do to help make fishing better,” Dumont said. “Anglers have helped by providing tournament results, assisting with habitat projects, going electrofishing with us, and a few other things. However, there is another way, one that may be more important than anything else an angler can do: Introduce someone to fishing who has never been fishing before.”

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is an organization whose mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need to protect, conserve and restore this nation’s aquatic natural resources......Read More
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Texas Fish Hatcheries Serve as Refuges for Imperiled Species
ATHENS—The five state-operated fish hatcheries in Texas generally have one job: to produce fish for stocking into Texas waters.

But the record-breaking drought of 2011 was a game-changer for Texas in many ways, including how Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) uses its fish hatcheries. One, the Dundee State Fish Hatchery near Wichita Falls, actually had to suspend operation because of lack of water.

Two fish hatcheries added new activities to their ongoing sportfish production responsibilities.   The Possum Kingdom State Fish Hatchery used one pond to hold two species of minnows from the upper Brazos River in case it went dry. The A.E. Wood State Fish Hatchery in San Marcos improved a small portion of their incubation room to hold mussels that might be lost to dried-up rivers or highway bridge construction.

In both cases the purpose is the same: to provide a refuge for species threatened by natural conditions or human activities until they can be safely returned to the wild......Read More
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Angling Legends Inducted into Texas Freshwater Fishing HOF
ATHENS—Anglers Tommy Martin and Lonnie Stanley were inducted into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame at a banquet in Athens Saturday night.

Martin, of Hemphill, and Stanley, of Huntington, were joined by about 100 friends and family as they received their awards and viewed videos recapping their careers.

The two were the twenty-third and twenty-fourth inductees into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, which was established in 1996 and inducted its first honorees in 1997. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those who have made a lasting contribution to freshwater fishing in Texas, and to foster a sense of appreciation, awareness and participation in the sport of fishing......Read More
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Clean Your Boat, Save Your Lake from Invasive Species
ATHENS — Invasive species, plants or animals that find their way to new places they don’t belong and cause economic, environmental or ecological damage, have wreaked havoc throughout the U.S. A couple of well-known examples are the lamprey invasion of the Great Lakes and everybody’s favorite in Texas, the fire ant.

Texas is home to a number of aquatic invasive species. Two species in particular are at the top of the most-wanted list: zebra mussels and giant salvinia.

Zebra mussels are small, less than 1 ½ inches long as adults, and currently exist in Lake Texoma (on the Red River of the Texas/Oklahoma border) and in West Prong Sister Grove Creek above Lake Lavon.......Read More
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Public Meeting Set for June 13 on Lake Texana State Park
AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, June 13 regarding plans to terminate its lease with the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority to operate Lake Texana State Park.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the recreation center of the LNRA’s Breckenridge Park and Campgrounds, 891 Breckenridge Parkway in Edna, across the highway from the 575-acre state park, which has been operated by TPWD since 1981.

TPWD invites all interested parties to attend the public meeting that will include an overview of the agency’s plans to terminate the current lease and tentative plans for operating the site as a public park. LNRA and TPWD are currently discussing issues related to the transfer to ensure minimal impact to the public........Read More
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Free Food, Fishing to Highlight National Fishing Day at Freshwater Fisheries Center
ATHENS, Texas—The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens will kick off National Fishing and Boating Week June 2 by making a family fishing trip affordable with free admission for kids 12 and under plus free fishing for the whole family.

Free hot dogs, chip and drinks will be served from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by employees of the Athens Wal-Mart Supercenter.

Kids may also win prizes in a catfishing tournament at TFFC’s casting pond.
In addition to fishing, visitors can walk the wetlands trail; see a diver hand feed fish; learn about the history of fishing in the freshwater fishing museum; shop for a Father’s Day gift in the Flat Creek Bait ‘n Goods Gift Shop and watch the alligator feeding at 3:30 p.m........Read More
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Winter Beach and Jetty Fishing
Most Texas light-tackle anglers love taking advantage of summer's excellent surf fishing opportunities. However, a great number of these same fishermen fail to realize winter also offers plenty in the way of beachfront bounty. Whether fishing from dry sand or using a granite jetty to extend their reach, surf fishermen have plenty of available options over the winter months.....Read entire article

November 2014 Photo Contest Winners
Lionel Matthews of Houston shows off a nice bull redfish he caught recently from the surf at Sargent. The fish measured 41 3/4 inches and weighed nearly 22 pounds. His photo earns her $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the November 2014 winner in the TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Autumn Snook
Port Isabel guide Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. shows off a nice snook he caught recently from South Bay. As autumn continues, South Texas snook fishing will be getting better and better. To find out what's happening along the Texas Coast, read Saltwater Fishing Reports

October 2014 Photo Contest Winners
Gloria De La Garza of Corpus Christi shows off a nice redfish she caught recently from Corpus Christi Bay. Her photo earns her $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the October 2014 winner in the TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Trick-Or-Treat Redfish
Halloween is undoubtedly the signature event of October. And, as virtually everyone knows, `trick-or-treat' is the battle cry for millions of costumed revelers on Oct. 31. However, as fall begins in earnest, `trick-or-treat' is a fair credo for flats anglers as well. For, the tenth month is a time when redfish are tempted both by tricks - artificial lures - and treats - natural baits. Combining the two can also be effective. Here are just a few of the top tricks and treats for taking spot tails during the Halloween season....Read entire article

September 2014 Photo Contest Winners
Chris Arriola of Lindale shows off a nice largemouth bass he caught recently. His photo earns him $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as theSeptember 2014 winner in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Fly Fishing for Fall Specks
As fall continues toward winter, most fly fishers have one thought in mind - redfish. After all, most areas of the Gulf Coast have plenty of "spot tails" waving above the waterline during October, as fish feed nose  down on shallow flats. Casting to tailing reds is most fly fishers "perfect day." However, don't be so quick to rule out specks on autumn afternoons.

Speckled trout have a secondary spawn during the fall. And, although common knowledge holds that the odds favor catching a trophy sow during the primary spawn in spring, fall often offers the best opportunity for fly fishers to catch gator trout. The reason is simple: wind, or lack thereof.....Read entire article

Ladies' Day on the Bay
Beni, Mandy, Patti and Sam, all of Lubbock, show off a mixed bag of speckled trout, black drum and mangrove snapper they caught while fishing in the Lower Laguna Madre with Port Isabel guide Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. To find out what's happening along the Texas Coast,  read Saltwater Fishing Reports

August 2014 Photo Contest Winners
Brady Parker, 10, of Telferner shows off a 40-inch redfish caught at Port O' Connor jetties. His photo earns him $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the August 2014 winner in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Late Summer Speck
Dr Raul Pena of McAllen shows off a 28 1/4-inch speckled trout he caught while fishing in the Lower Laguna Madre with Port Isabel guide Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. Now through the end of summer, anglers can expect steady action for speckled trout along channel edges in bays throughout Texas. To find out what's happening along the Texas Coast,  read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Texas Rigged Lizards
Throughout the Lone Star State, Texas-rigged lizards are among the top choices for bass fishermen. This is particularly true on South Texas impoundments. In fact, legendary Choke Canyon guide Jerry Dunn estimates he throws a Texas-rigged lizard 90 percent of the time. As Dunn points out, all that's needed is a quick change of bullet weights to switch from shallow brush to deepwater structure to punching through hydrilla mats. And, in his estimation, a Texas-rigged lizard will produce fish equally as well in each of those situations.....Read entire article

Fishing Drop-offs for Summer Specks & Reds
As August arrives, water temperatures in Texas bays are at annual highs. Most experienced inshore anglers are aware that fish often seek shelter from the sweltering summer sun by suspending in the cooler layers of water found at depth. However, although they may spend the hottest part of the day sulking in deep water, predators such as redfish and speckled trout take any opportunity to move up and feed in the shallows. As a result, many of the most productive areas to fish during late summer have a combination of shallow and deep water in a close proximity. For this reason, drop-offs, areas where the deep waters of a channel abruptly meet the shallow waters of a flat, are ideal areas to concentrate late summer angling efforts.......Read entire article

July 2014 Photo Contest Winners
Richard Krekota of Killeen shows off a 27.5-inch, 9.54-pound bass caught from Stillhouse Hollow Lake in Belton. His photo earns him $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the July 2014 winner in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Summer Speck
Karla Carrillo of McAllen shows off a summer speckled trout she caught while fishing along the edges of the ICW in the Lower Laguna Madre recently. Karla was fishing with Port Isabel guide Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. Now through the end of summer, anglers can expect steady action for speckled trout along channel edges in bays throughout Texas. To find out what's happening along the Texas Coast,  read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Wading vs Drifting During Summer Months
Among other things, the Lone Star State is known for its legions of dedicated inshore wade fishermen. However, not every Texas saltwater angler wade fishes. In fact, some never leave the boat. There are some bays in which most fishermen wade and others where virtually no one gets wet. But, every bay system along the Texas coastal curve is conducive to both wading and drift fishing. The key is knowing the pros and cons to both approaches and wisely employing the right one at the right time........Read entire article

Late Summer Surf & Jetty Fishing
Throughout summer many Texas coastal anglers are smitten with surf fishing. During this time, the tides generally run clear/green all the way to dry sand and the beachfront waters are full of a variety of gamefish such as speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, pompano, redfish, and more. As September dawns, summer begins winding down and the window for productive beachfront fishing begins to close. But, there is still plenty of time to enjoy some outstanding beachfront action before the year's first few fronts shut it down for the season.......Read entire article

June 2014 Photo Contest Winners
Andrea and Jacob Alvarez, ages 10 and 6, of Laguna Vista show off a redfish and speckled trout they caught on a recent trip with their grandfather. Their photo earns them $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the June 2014 winners in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Inshore Umbrella Rigs
Most everyone has heard the old saying, "there's strength in numbers". In regards to the latest tackle craze to sweep across inshore waters that certainly seems to be the case. Umbrella rigs, contraptions which allow anglers to retrieve multiple artificial lures at once, have rapidly gained popularity across the Gulf Coast in the past year and have proven to be quite effective for a number of inshore game fish species.

Some fishermen may believe the success of umbrella rigs is simply a matter of "having more hooks in the water." However, umbrellas aren't necessarily designed to catch fish simple because more hooks mean more opportunities. Rather it is the illusion an umbrella rig conveys -- the illusion of being more than a lonely little prey item.......Read entire article

Summer Redfish
Ric from Cypress, Texas shows off a nice redfish he caught on a recent trip.  Got a good fishing photo? Enter it in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest. Be sure to include the name and mailing address of the anglers, as well as much information about the catch as possible.

South Texas Summer Fishing & Fireworks
Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the tiny island community of South Padre in extreme south Texas holds weekly fireworks displays. Every Friday night at 9:15 sharp, the sky above this small sliver of sand erupts in at pyrotechnic performance that strikes awe in every observer. The weekly shows run throughout the summer, eventually culminating in one last hurrah over Labor Day weekend.

As dramatic as the Friday night shows are, during this same stretch of summer an even more impressive display of firepower can be found daily swimming the beachfront and nearshore waters bordering South Padre.

Although many Gulf Coast anglers are unaware of the area, South Padre Island sits scant miles above the U.S./Mexico border and actually lies on the same latitude as Miami, Florida. This tropical positioning affords South Padre many exotic marine visitors that are never seen elsewhere in Texas or the northern Gulf. Even local anglers, who generally subscribe to the Texas saltwater textbook of speckled trout and redfish, have been slow to warm to the mind-boggling variety that swims along the condo-lined beach.........Read entire article

May 2014 Photo Contest Winner
Jerry Garcia of McAllen shows off a speckled trout he caught out of the Lower Laguna Madre. Jerry's photo earns him $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the May 2014 winner in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Summer Saltwater Fishing in Texas
Summer, more than any other time of the year, offers coastal anglers a variety of fishing options. Not only are there more species of fish available during the summer months, there are also more places and ways to catch them. Fish may be shallow or deep, in the flats or along the channel edges. And, this may change not just from day to day, but throughout any given day as the sun and temperature rises. Being versatile and capable of making a change in locale or technique from hour to hour can make the difference between catching fish all day and just catching them during a portion of the day.

There are a number of variables - such as wind, sun, temperature, cloud cover, tide movement, etc. - which can dictate how fish transition through a bay over the course of a long summer day.
Although these variables are usually present in a different combination from day to day, there are a few “rules of thumb” that can help get you pointed in the right direction for plenty of action during the “dog days of summer.”.....Read entire article

Glass Minnows Point the Way to Fast Action
Throughout late spring and well into summer, the otherwise glassy surface of back lakes and coves in various Texas bays will often explode with what appears to be tiny slivers of glass. However, these small shards are actually diminutive glass minnows leaping quite literally for the lives in order to escape hungry predators beneath them.

As summer wears on, this same scenario plays out in the passes and along beachfronts up and down the coast. In every instance, when glass minnows break the surface, it's a sure bet something much bigger - and hungrier - is lurking below.

Timing a glass minnow hatch can be somewhat tricky, however. Various bays will experience higher populations of glass minnows at different times. Even within a single bay system, peak glass minnow activity can vary from year to year. This is due to the glass minnow's cyclical spawning nature, according to TPW biologist Mark Lingo....Read entire article

April 2014 Photo of the Month
Alexandra and Xavier Torres show off a pair of nice specks they caught and released while fishing on the Lower Laguna Madre with Capt. Gencho Buitureira. Got a good fishing photo? Enter it in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Top Texas Panfish Lures
From the lakes in the East Texas Piney Woods to cold Texas Hill Country streams panfish of all varieties are popular among Lone Star State anglers. And, whether it be crappie, bluegill, Rio Grande perch, or any other of the myriad of panfish that call Texas home, there are a handful of lures that every panfish angler should have in their box......Read entire article

Visiting & Fishing Port Aransas
photo courtesy Aaron ReedLocated on the northern tip of Padre Island, less than a 3 hour drive from San Antonio or Houston, Port Aransas is a quaint community offering excellent fishing opportunities both in the bay and along the beachfront. In addition, Port A offers a variety of other vacation activities, including shopping, excellent dining, golf and a vast array of hotels, condos and beach houses. This combination makes Port Aransas an excellent angling vacation destination for family fishermen heading to the Texas coast.

Port Aransas, or Port A as it is popularly known, was perhaps Texas' first true angling destination. For a few years on either side of 1900, the community was actually known as Tarpon due to the large number of Silver Kings landed there. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, anglers came from across the country to fish the waters around Port Aransas for tarpon, redfish and speckled trout. Among those who have fished these waters are President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hedy Lamarr, and Duncan Hines, who was married at the famed Tarpon Inn......Read entire article

Tackle Box Building Blocks
Every fishermen needs a tackle box and tackle to fill it. Although each type of fishing requires a few specific items, there are plenty of basics that should be in every box whether an angler is looking to fish fresh water, salt water or a little bit of both. But, how does a novice fishermen - or even an experienced angler looking to delve into different types of fishing - stock a tackle box without breaking the bank?

A key to piecing together a cost-effective tackle box is versatility. Rather than focus on a few very specific lures or rigs, anglers should opt for proven lure types that can work for a variety of species under a wide array of conditions. Additionally, it is important to include both terminal tackle for fishing natural baits, as well as an assortment of artificial lures. Once the foundation of a tackle selection is laid, a few specialty items can be added.....Read entire article

Spring Speck
Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr shows off a solid spring speck he took while fishing in the Brownsville Ship Channel recently. Capt Gencho reports fishing is hot throughout the Lower Laguna Madre area as spring hits its stride.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

March 2014 Photo Contest Winner
Pauline Osborn of La Vernia shows off a stiped bass she caught out of Lake Texoma. Pauline's photo earns her $25 in lures and merchandise from Blakemore Lures, Real Magic and Daiichi Hooks as the March 2014 winner in the  TTI-Blakemore Photo Contest.

Jerkbait Basics
Jerkbaits: Virtually every bass fisherman has heard of them. However, a relatively small percentage of fishermen actually use them. This is partially due to the perception they are only effective in very specific instances. While it is true these baits aren't the best choice for many circumstances, when the conditions are favorable, few artificial lures will out produce a suspending jerkbait.

Popular touring pro Tim Horton of Muscle Shoals, Alabama is well known for his prowess with suspending jerkbaits.  And, although there are plenty of models on the market, Horton says there are a couple of key components anglers should keep in mind when choosing a jerkbait..........Read entire article

Photo Contest Back for Spring & Summer 2014
The popular Texas Weekend Angler/TTI-Blakemore monthly photo contest is back for the spring and summer months. Pictured at right is previous winner Clayton King of Richland Hills. Submit your favorite fish photo in the Texas Weekend Angler/TTI-Blakemore Monthly Photo Contest and win $25 in tackle from Blakemore, Daiichi, and Reel Magic. Every fish species - fresh or salt water - is eligible. Anglers of every age are welcome to participate. And, best of all, it's easy. To enter, click here and submit your photo, name, address and phone number. Each month, the winning entry will be posted on the Texas Weekend Angler home page. The winning angler will also receive $25 of species appropriate tackle mailed directly to them from Blakemore Lures.......Read entire article

Ultra-light Bass
Ultra-light tackle is extremely effective in a few specific situations. For starters, whenever fishing small water such as stock tanks, streams or small lakes, downsized lures are often the best bet. Some of these waters simply don't have bass large enough to be tempted by big baits. And, many of the small bodies of water that do support trophy bass don't have much in the way of large forage. So, even these big bass have gained their girth by eating diminutive prey items.

Spring and early summer is an excellent season to use ultra-light gear on any body of water. During this time of year, even the largest of reservoirs is teeming with new life. Bugs, minnows, tadpoles, baby bass and bluegills are just a few of the menu items that are mere centimeters long at this point. Using downsized baits is a great way to 'match the hatch' so to speak.......Read entire article

Spring Saltwater Fishing -- Dealing With High Winds and High Water
Spring is known as a season of transition on the inshore water of the Lone Star State. Weather is warming. The bay is becoming flooded with newly hatched, rapidly growing baitfish, shrimp and crab. Fish are in between their deep water winter pattern and shallow water summer haunts. At times, it seems the only constant during spring is constant change. But, there are a couple other things that remain constant during spring - high wind and high water.

Wind and water level are two major considerations on any coastal fishing trip. During spring, they become all the more important.

When it comes to wind, it may be strong, but at least it's consistent. Although there is an occasional calm day during spring, most days during March and April see at least 15 mile per hour winds and, quite often, sustained winds are over 20 with gusts approaching (or exceeding) 30. And, unlike other seasons, the wind doesn't necessarily die down overnight.......Read entire article

Panfish Basics
The group of fresh water sunfish species collectively known as panfish provide perhaps more hours of angling enjoyment than any other types of fish found in North American waters. This is largely because everyone from children and beginners right up to experienced fishermen are able to enjoy catching these feisty fish. However, though they are a `user-friendly' quarry, there are a few basic baits, lures and techniques that can help every angler increase their catch........Read entire article

Spring Fishing on the Texas Coast
March is the month that ushers in spring. Spring's warmer weather and warmer water welcomes new life to Texas' inshore bays. Shrimp, crab and finfish have - or soon will - release this year's crop of younglings. When this happens, the bay's resident predators will shift their focus from large, hard to catch adults to the young, naïve hatchlings populating the flats.

This transition doesn't happen all at once. Rather, the spawn of various species is staggered throughout the spring and early summer. But, March marks the start of a three month run of hatchlings in our bays. To up their odds for success during this time period, anglers should `match the hatch' by downsizing lures, baits and flies. Anglers should also shift their focus to areas where predator fish are most likely to be able to ambush or attack the small fry menu items......Read entire article

Slow Falling Soft Plastics
As we move toward late winter and, eventually, spring, we are entering a time when fish - particularly big fish - prefer a slow-moving bait. Topwaters and slow-sinking plugs are useful for times like these. However, these baits only produce when fish are working the mid- to upper-levels of the water column. So, what can you use when fish are buried down in the grass or hugging the bottom of potholes and refuse to raise up to take a bait? Soft-plastics, of course.....Read entire article

Trophy Trout Fishing in February
Valentine's Day is the first thing that most people think of when mid-February rolls around. Weather this time of year can be a bit brisk, windy and often times a little wet. Casual anglers don't think of fishing for another month or so. However, a select few Gulf Coast fishermen know that this is the time of year when our bay systems offer up prizes that are far more treasured than those found in a box of chocolates.

Early February through mid-March offers perhaps the best window of opportunity for landing a career speckled trout. Some years this window opens a little earlier or a little later. Regardless, by mid-February it is always a good bet that trophy trout are prowling the flats.......Read entire article

Late Winter Redfish
February is generally a winter month in the strictest sense along the Texas coast. This is winter's final full month. But, generally Old Man Winter doesn't fade without a fight, sending down some of the year's nastiest weather during February. As a result, few fishermen venture onto the Texas bays during the year's second month. Of those who do get on the water in February, the vast majority of them are probing deep holes for coolers full of schoolie specks or wading waist deep mud tracking trophy trout. What is most often overlooked during the weeks bracketing Valentine's Day is the outstanding redfish action available up and down the Texas coast......Read entire article

A Winter Day on the Bay
When most people think of winter fishing along the Texas coast, they think about fishing slow and deep. While this long-standing stereotype of Texas winter fishing does hold true, a more accurate way to view the winter pattern is summer fishing in reverse.

As they do during summer, speckled trout and redfish will spend much of their time in the insulated depths of channels, holes and deeper flats in order to avoid extreme water temperatures in the shallows. And, like they do in the summer, the fish will feed on the skinny flats when the conditions are right. However, the time of day the fish head to shallow water during winter is opposite of what happens during summer. And, perhaps more than at any other time of year, anglers looking to spend a full day on the water best pack a full tackle box with a variety of lures......Read entire article

Winter Inshore Angling Options
As January gets underway, the Texas coast is entering the heart of the winter season. Traditionally, Texas' coldest weather arrives during January and February. While some saltwater fishermen believe this is a time to stay inside and repair tackle in anticipation of spring fishing, others know there are still plenty of inshore angling opportunities available during even the coldest portion of winter. While some of this fishing may not be exactly what anglers envision when they think of coastal fishing, it can be fun and productive, nonetheless. The one caveat is that during winter, perhaps more so than any other time of year, the weather truly dictates when and how you can fish. But, overall, fishermen who are willing to brave the winter weather can find plenty of cooperative fish more often than not.....Read entire article

Clear Water Calls for Clear Lures

Once winter settles in along the Texas Coast, water temperatures plummet. Most experienced anglers know cooler water affects fish inhabiting the flats. However, the lower water temperatures of winter also affect other organisms in the bay, which, in turn, affects fish, fishermen and fishing techniques.

Ironically, it is the smallest of these organisms that most often has the biggest impact on winter flats fishing. When the bay water temperature goes south of 70 degrees, the myriad of microorganisms that typically populate the water column are greatly diminished. This reduction of suspended particle leads to enhanced water clarity. In fact, save a hard blowing wind, winter flats are typically `gin clear' up and down the Texas Coast.

But, as nice as this water is to look at, it can be a severe handicap when attempting to approach spooky specks and reds. Fish swimming in such clear water are more readily available of anything that enters their environment. Under these conditions, fish can “get a better look” at artificial lures and flies. And, believe it or not, sometimes the best way to get these fish to eat is to give them less to look at.......Read entire article

Texas Saltwater Fishing Book Now Available on Kindle
Danno Wise's Tips for Fishing the Texas Coast is now available for purchase on Kindle devices through the Kindle Store for the bargain price of $5. Originally published in 2012, Danno Wise's Tips for Fishing the Texas Coast is one of the best selling inshore fishing books in the Lone Star State. Now available on Kindle, this 80-page no-nonsense guide offers anglers of all skill levels practical advice for being more productive while fishing along the Texas coast. Hard copies of the book are still available through Amazon, as well as many book stores and online book retailers for $7.50. To purchase  Danno Wise's Tips for Fishing the Texas Coast for a Kindle device, click here.

Super Sheepshead Fishing
This super-sized sheepshead was caught up the Brownsville Ship Channel on a recent trip with Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. As this photo proves, winter sheepshead fishing has arrived early on the Texas coast this year.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Classic Bass Baits
On June 2, 1932 George Perry used a Creek Chub Fintail Shiner to fool a 22 pound, 4 ounce black bass. That fish remains the world record today. However, it's hard to say what is more surprising - that the record has stood for so long or that Perry used an artificial lure to set record. After all, artificial lure fishing was still in its infancy during the Depression Era. Sure, Creek Chub, the brand used to set the record, had been in business for over two decades at the time. And, a handful of other manufacturers were also offering artificial lures to fresh water fishermen. But, the overwhelming majority of anglers during that time utilized natural baits as opposed to artificial ones.

In 2006, Creek Chub celebrated its 100th year of manufacturing artificial fishing lures. Although the Fintail Shiner has gone by the wayside, many traditional designs are still in production. Surprisingly, Creek Chub isn't the only - or even the oldest - manufacturer of artificial lures still in production today. In fact, modern-day anglers may be surprised to realize just how old some of their favorite lure designs are. And, fishermen who have forgone `classic' lures in favor of today's innovative designs may want to rethink their strategies. Many of those old plugs will still keep pace with recent offerings.....Read entire article

Ship Channel Snook
Patty Bergmann of Boerne, Texas shows off a snook she caught up the Brownsville Ship Channel on a recent trip with Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Bull Redfish Run
Thad Riechert of La Vernia shows of a nice bull redfish he caught in September. As the weather and water continues to cool during October, the bull redfish run is in full swing up and down the Texas Coast.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Lake Sam Rayburn
From the moment it filled in 1965, the 114,000-acre Lake Sam Rayburn has held a prominent spot in the minds of bass anglers everywhere. Located just outside of Jasper in Deep East Texas, Rayburn became an instant legend. Over the decades, the legend of Lake Sam Rayburn only grew larger, helped in part by the legions of legendary anglers that began their careers there. Since its inception, the BASS tournament trail has been well populated with fishermen who cut their teeth on Big Sam.

"I got in a lot of trouble over that lake," laughed Lonnie Stanley, a legendary Texas bass fisherman in his own right, referring to the times he "may" have missed class to fish Sam Rayburn during his high school years. "I watched them build that lake. My wife and used to go on dates and watch them build the dam. I fished it the day the closed the gates and every day I could since then.

"Really, I can't believe how well it's held up through the years. It's really amazing. In 47 years, the only real changes have been the number of people fishing it and the type of structure we have. The fishing is still as good as it's ever been."....Read entire article

Fishing Frogs for Fall Bass
“Hot dang, fishin' them frogs is fun,” joked Lonnie Stanley. However, no matter how much “foolin'” he was doing when he uttered that sentence, Stanley is dead serious about frog fishing. In fact, for a man who made his professional angling and lure making reputation with jigs, Stanley sounds as if he's had some mid-life revelation.

Don't get me wrong, I still fish jigs,” Stanley said. “But, I love fishing frogs - especially in the fall. If you've never done it - don't. Not unless you can handle seeing some incredibly violent strikes. When they hit that thing, they literally try to kill it. It's not the type of fishing someone with a weak heart should do.”

Stanley, whose namesake company produces the popular Ribbit Frog, says unlike many other types of topwater baits, plastic frogs tend to get the attention of jumbo size largemouth bass with regularity....Read entire article

Texas Freshwater Redfish
Red drum, or redfish as they are commonly known, are among the most popular game fish in Texas. In fact, nearly as many anglers head to the Lone Star State in search of redfish as black bass. Additionally, thousands of resident Texans ply the inshore and nearshore waters along the Texas coast in search of these bronze beauties. However, you don't need to fish in salt or even brackish water in order to land a Texas red.

Thanks to an innovative stocking program by Texas Parks & Wildlife, the Lone Star State boasts a handful of inland reservoirs with resident populations of redfish. And, these are not `gimmick' fisheries. These lakes have quietly supported redfish populations for decades. Today, it is not uncommon for fishermen on lakes such as Braunig, Calaveras and Fairfield to land redfish that would make any salt water fishermen envious.......Read entire article

Artificial Shrimp Options
Life as a shrimp is tough. Brown shrimp, white shrimp, grass shrimp - it doesn't matter what species, if you are a shrimp, you're born to be eaten. Virtually every fish that inhabits Texas bays love to gobble these tasty crustaceans. And, as summer gets into full swing, salt water fishermen in the Lone Star State can't do better than using live shrimp to tempt inshore predator fish. Or can they?.......Read entire article

Fishing Invisible, Visible Structure
It is a common belief among weekend bass anglers that visible cover is the easiest type of structure to fish. Since it can be seen, it is certainly the easiest type of structure to find. However, 5-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Lonnie Stanley knows getting maximum productivity from visible structure can be deceptively difficult. As Stanley is quick to point out, success typically lies with what you can't see - even with visible structure

“I really think the reason a lot of pros from East Texas have been so successful is because we've learned to read visible structure and let it tell us where the fish our,” said Stanley. “Lord, if you cast to every stump in Sam Rayburn, you'd never quit casting and may not catch any fish. I don't fish the structure as much as I read it. Then I cast to where I know the fish are.

“There are so many types of visible structure - standing timber, hydrilla, pads, reeds, docks - there's tons of stuff you can see out there on the lake. And, every bit of it will tell you where the fish are.”......Read entire article

How to Rig an Artificial Shrimp
Over the past few years, artificial shrimp such as the DOA Shrimp have become more and more popular among coastal fishermen. However, a number of questions always arise as to the best way to rig and fish artificial shrimp. Here are a few of the more popular and productive methods.... Read entire article

Late Summer Fishing on the Lower Laguna Madre
For anglers in the Laguna Madre area, July signals the beginning of an incredible couple months of fishing opportunities. From now through September, inshore and nearshore anglers can realistically expect to hookup with everything from speckled trout to tarpon to kingfish. Granted, some years see this potpourri of saltwater game fish show up sooner than others. And, this year we had a pretty early jump on kingfish and Spanish mackerel. However, year after year, July marks the point at which all of these species will be consistently found in catchable numbers in and around the Laguna Madre......Read entire article

Fishing Texas Grass Flats
Every fisherman in Texas knows the summer months are hot. Not only is the air temperature scorching, but water temperatures in Texas lakes, bays and rivers are also rapidly rising. To avoid the summer heat, fishermen have air conditioners. One of the best ways fish have to beat the heat is find the nearest stand of grass.

Bass fishermen on Texas lakes have long sought summer bass in dense grass beds. But, just about every bays system in Texas holds some sort of grassy habitat for fish. Whether it's a flooded grass shoreline, an expansive grass flat pockmarked with potholes or scattered grass clumps and beds over sand or mud flats, during the summer months, grass will attract speckled trout and redfish in reliable numbers. For fishermen to find success with fish in grassy areas, it is simply a matter of understanding why the fish are there and how to target them......Read entire article

Summer Surf Slam
Once the Gulf waters lapping against the dry sand on Texas beaches turn deep green and warm above 70 degrees, anglers get itchy to “go pluggin'” in the surf. In fact, probing the beachfront waters with metal and plastic artificial lures is a Texas tradition that dates back to the introduction of artificial lures into the saltwater fishing realm. And, since the ideal conditions for surf fishing in this manner are highly seasonal, this angling pursuit continues to have an aura of adventure about it.

For the most part, fishermen peppering plugs along the beachfront are seeking speckled trout. However, by using a variety of lures and retrieves, fishermen probing the beachfront guts can often string pompano and Spanish mackerel as well, filling out a Texas Surf Slam. Anglers tackling this trifecta will not just add to the uniqueness of their experience, but to the diversity of their table fare as well, as all three of these species offer excellent, yet distinctly different fillets.......Read entire article

Rigged & Ready for Various Inshore Fishing Situations
The days of the Texas inshore angler heading out for a day on the water with a single wand rigged with his favorite bait are over. Well, actually they're not - but they should be. Another common, and perhaps more galling, sight is the saltwater angler leaving the dock with a console full of sticks - each rigged with the exact same lure! It's high time light tackle inshore anglers take note of their bass fishing brethren's pre-trip preparation - several rods, rigged with different baits, ready for different situations as they arise. And, with the myriad of different opportunities that can crop up in an instance during June, now is as good a time as ever to develop this new "rigged and ready" habit.......Read entire article

Carolina Rigs for Specks, Reds & Flounder
When most fishermen hear "Carolina rig" they picture a 6-inch worm trailing an egg sinker and barrel swivel in an attempt to lure a lunker largemouth bass. Few realize their effectiveness in saltwater. In fact, most don't even realize one of the most popular live bait rigs for saltwater fishing is, essentially, a Carolina rig. Fewer still realize this popular freshwater fishing technique can be employed in a variety of saltwater fishing situations utilizing a wide variety of artificial lures.....Read entire article

Tube Baits in Saltwater
When it comes to outdoor recreation, `tubing' is a distinctly Texas activity. However, not all Texas tubin' involves inner tubes, clear cold Hill Country rivers and Shiner Bock. In fact, this article has nothing to do with Lone Star State summer river recreation. But, it does deal with another popular summer past time - inshore light-tackle angling.

It often seems as if Texas flats fishermen are on a never-ending search for the next hot bait. However, far too often, once a lure gets `hot,' it quickly becomes used so often practically every fish in the bay is familiar with it. That's why the most consistently successful flats anglers usually don't follow the masses and use the trendy baits. Instead, they choose their baits based on fish attracting characteristics - whether they are well-known or not. And, often times, the next `secret bait' can be found on nearby fresh water lakes.

Such is the case with the venerable tube lure. Tubes have been commonplace on fresh water lakes since the introduction of the Gitzit in the early '80s. Over the ensuing years, practically every species of fresh water gamefish - largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and more - has been taken on tubes. However, despite their success in fresh water, tubes have found it tough to gain a foothold in salt water.....Read entire article

Spring Transitions
Spring's warmer weather and warmer water welcomes new life to Texas' inshore bays. Shrimp, crab and finfish have - or soon will - release this year's crop of younglings. When this happens, the bay's resident predators will shift their focus from large, hard to catch adults to the young, naïve hatchlings populating the flats.

This transition doesn't happen all at once. Rather, the spawn of various species is staggered throughout the spring and early summer. But, March marks the start of a three month run of hatchlings in our bays. To up their odds for success during this time period, anglers should `match the hatch' by downsizing lures, baits and flies. Anglers should also shift their focus to areas where predator fish are most likely to be able to ambush or attack the small fry menu items.......Read entire article

Spring Winds Affect Coastal Fishing
Rain, rain, go away. That's a popular children's refrain. In that same spirit, coastal anglers are likely to chant, wind, wind, go away. However, during April along the Texas coastal curve, that's a highly unlikely occurrence. The wind is going to blow this month, so you might as well get used to it. If you do attempt fishing in high spring breezes, you might do more than get used to - you might actually start liking it. In fact, more than one fisherman has been heard to utter the phrase, wind, wind, please blow today after having a few successful windy days on the bay. South Padre Island guide Capt. Eddie Curry counts himself among the windy weather aficionados.....Read entire article

Early Topwater Bite
Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. shows off a slot red caught on topwater from the Lower Laguna Madre recently. Capt. Gencho says thanks to the unusually warm winter, topwater action has begun a little earlier than usual on the Lower Laguna.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Picking the Right Retrieve
Anyone who has browsed through a tackle shop or flipped through the pages of a fishing catalog can attest to the massive amounts of lures on the market today. And, anyone with a few bucks in their pocket can buy the lure of their choosing. However, despite what the ad may say, few, if any, of these lures guarantee an angler success. Sure, it's your job to find the fish. But, even once they're found, it's up to you to make that lure look as good to them in the water as it did to you on the store shelf. To do that, you have to know how to properly retrieve the bait under the prevailing conditions.....Read entire article

Fishing Deep Holes for Winter Trout
January typically ushers in true winter weather along the Texas coast. When the 'blue northerns' begin to push across the coastal curves, the relatively shallow inshore bays can become downright chilly. During these cool periods, trout and redfish will leave the shallows and bury themselves in the deepest water they can locate. Depending on the bay, this deep water may be found in shipping channels or boating lanes, natural 'holes' in the bay, port areas, holes blown during oil and gas exploration, or rivers feeding into the bay. Regardless of what feature is responsible for the deep water, if it is accessible, the fish will find it.....Read entire article

Sheepshead Season
Angelina Martinez of Donna, Texas shows off a nice sheepshead she caught on a recent fishing trip in the Lower Laguna Madre with Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. Capt. Gencho says Lower Laguna anglers have been experienced good sheepshead fishing all winter and the action has only improved as the weather has cooled.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Galveston Fishing Heating Up
Guide Capt. Robert Leibert of Green Water Guide Service reports fishing in Galveston is heating up as winter hits the home stretch.  Above is a photo of one of Leibert's recent guide parties with a typical winter time Galveston Bay trout. Between now and the end of February, Leibert is offering winter discounts on half and full day trips, for anyone asking for the "winter special." Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Winter Fishing on the Lower Laguna Madre
When anglers shivering through a winter snowstorm in northern climes consider a tropical escape, Texas rarely enters their mind. However, located on latitude 26 - the same as Miami, Florida - South Padre Island, Port Isabel and the waters of the Lower Laguna Madre which separate these two towns, as well as Port Mansfield some 20-odd miles to the north, are warm year around and offer excellent shallow water fishing opportunities even during the dead of winter.

During January and February, light-tackle anglers are able to enjoy plenty of action from redfish, spotted seatrout, flounder, ladyfish, and jacks on the flats, as well as snook in the port areas. Surf fishing for pompano, redfish, shark, and other species is also available.....Read entire article

Slow Retrieve Techniques
"If you want to catch fish this time of year, you've got to slow down your retrieve." That quote could be attributed to one of thousands of guides or anglers along the Texas coast. During seminars, in print articles and on television shows - everyone gives the same generic "work it slow" advice, generally leaving the angling audience wondering, "What the #@%$ does 'slow' mean?!" After all, slow can mean a lot of things and without a relative scale, it is almost impossible to determine exactly what someone means when they say "fish slow."

However, although the message may be muddy, the underlying principle holds true. During winter's final stanza, fish are lethargic and anglers must work at a more casual pace. So, here's a few pointers to help you understand exactly how slow is slow.....Read entire article

Lake Corpus Christi
When most anglers hear Corpus Christi, they think beach, bay and a host of inshore salt water species. However, just a short drive away from the city it provides water to, a freshwater impoundment provides a completely different angling experience. Though Lake Corpus Christi takes its name from the Sparkling City by the Bay, and though it is a short drive away from its namesake city, from an angling point of view, it is worlds apart.

Covering just over 21,000 acres just outside the tiny town of Mathis, Lake Corpus Christi is fed by the Nueces River. It was the Nueces River, in fact, that provided most of the resident fish population found in Lake Corpus Christi today. Unlike many other Texas reservoirs which rely heavily on regular fish releases, Lake Corpus Christi has maintained its fish populations with little outside help. Florida strain largemouth bass have been planted in the lake, however, on three different occasions.........Read entire article

Texas Pompano Fishing
With its silvery sides, bright yellow chin and deeply-forked black tail, the Florida pompano is one of the more tropical looking species found in the Gulf of Mexico. And, despite its name, anglers don't need to travel to the Sunshine State in order to tie into this popular light-tackle quarry. However, relatively few Texas anglers take advantage of the well-established pompano fishery along the state's southernmost stretch of beach......Read entire article

Common Flats Fishing Mistakes
There is a difference between general bay fishing and the more specialized discipline of flats fishing. Simply put, flats fishing involves angling pursuits in shallow water, usually three feet or less. Although this brand of fishing has become increasingly popular in recent years, many anglers are unprepared for the unique challenges presented by fish in shallow, clear water.

This is not to say shallow water fishing should be 'off-limits' to everyday anglers. Indeed, anyone willing to put in a little time to learn the nuances of the skinny water world can effectively fish knee-deep water. Rather this article is meant to draw attention to some of the common mistakes made by fishermen unaccustomed to fishing shallow, clear flats. This type of environment requires anglers to do things a little differently than they would in darker or deeper water. By avoiding a handful of common miscues, anglers will greatly increase their odds when stalking fish in the shallows. ....Read entire article

Texas Border Bass Fishing
For years anglers searching for fishing adventures full of trophy size largemouth bass probed a variety of Mexican big bass factories. From Lake Guerrero to El Salto, these south-of-the-border lakes produced an incredible amount of big fish during their prime. However, in recent years it has become evident that US fishermen heading into Mexico were passing up a pair of the best big bass lakes in North America.

Rio Grande River impoundments Falcon and Amistad have gained national attention lately for the quantity of quality fish their waters yield. This has never been more evident than in recent BASS events when records toppled one after another.

Despite each being southern border impoundments and although they're located relatively close together, these two reservoirs fish much different from one another. In fact, as bass transition from winter to spring, fishing styles on the two lakes are in stark contrast of each other.....Read entire article

South Texas Slam
Up and down the Texas Coast, talk of the “Big Three” often dominate the discussion whenever and wherever bay fishermen gather. However, at the extreme southern tip of the state, the “three” consuming most anglers' thoughts are different than those referred to by fishermen north of the Lower Laguna Madre.

 By and large, when speaking with anglers plying the waters around historic Port Isabel, snook replace flounder, joining redfish and trout to produce a formidable trio known locally as a South Texas Slam. Different accounting practices will include either a flounder or a black drum in this “slam,” and, as everyone agrees, adding a tarpon makes the “slam” grand. But, the foundation of any slam taken near latitude 26 in the western Gulf consists of snook, speckled trout and redfish.

Luckily for light-tackle aficionados, these three species are available on a year around basis in South Texas. However, like all fishing, some times of the year are better than others. For anglers chasing a South Texas Slam, no time is better than early fall.....Read entire article

October Inshore Fishing Opportunities
The majority of Texas inshore anglers are familiar with the 'Big 3' inshore species - redfish, speckled trout and flounder. Hands down, these three species are the most popular among Lone Star State saltwater fishermen. Catching all three in a single session is a feather in any fisherman's cap. October offers up the best opportunity to do so on a routine basis.

Reasons to love October
There is no one reason for the opportunities October affords. Rather, it is a combination of elements that provide fishermen a perfect platform for accomplishing a Texas slam.....Read entire article

Fall Mangrove Snapper Run
Each year, as fall moves closer to winter, Laguna Madre area anglers are treated to a “run” of good mangrove snapper fishing. Although these feisty fighters are found year around in our waters, late fall is perhaps the best time to target them.

Mangrove snapper most often are found in areas of heavy cover such as jetties, pier pilings or under bridges. No mangrove is likely to go far from the safety of cover to chase a bait, but bigger fish hold ever tighter, almost seeming to be part of the structure. This cover-hugging behavior dictates a few things about mangrove fishing. First off, baits and lures must be cast extremely close to structure in order to draw strikes. Secondly, stouter-than average tackle must be used if an angler has any hopes of landing fish once they strike....Read entire article

Bull Reds on Fly Rod
Redfish are among the most popular targets for fly fishermen plying the temperature salt waters of coastal Texas. Visions of 'tailing reds' on shallow flats often fill fishermen's minds as they make their way to the coast. However, during late summer and fall, an entirely different type of red drum fishing is available throughout the fish's range.

Up and down the Texas coast large redfish, commonly known as `bull reds,' swim through the surf from July through November, offering anglers an excellent opportunity to catch `big game' close to shore. Although the vast majority of fishermen pursuing these oversize redfish are utilizing conventional tackle, fly rodders are also able to take part in this exciting seasonal fishery known as the `bull redfish run.'....Read entire article
 the amount of boat traffic on bays up and down the Texas coast shrinks to a fraction of its summer peak. Simultaneously, winds are becalmed and temperatures (eventually) begin to drop. Less pressure, along with calmer, clearer water, equals perfect sight casting conditions on the flats of the Lower and Middle Texas coasts. This, essentially, is what Lone Star State inshore anglers have to look forward to over the next few weeks.

Ultra-light Fishing for Specks & Reds
During September, wind is often absent, resulting in mirror-calm conditions on the bay. In this situation, specks and reds inhabiting shallow flats can become extremely wary of any intrusion of their personal space. Often, the best way to tempt this fish is to go light - as in using ultra-light conventional and fly tackle......Read entire article

Fishing With Artificial Crabs
Most every serious salt water angler in Texas has, at one time or another, read an informational fish identification book. Although various volumes differ on some points, most of them concur on major issues.

One of those issues that has a majority consensus among fish ID books is that of dietary habits. To paraphrase the majority of these titles, the diet of popular Gulf Coast fish goes something like this:
Spotted Seatrout - shrimp, finfish, crabs; Red Drum - shrimp, finfish, crabs; Black Drum - shrimp, finfish, crabs; Sheepshead - shrimp, crabs; Snook - shrimp, finfish, crabs; Tarpon - shrimp, finfish, crabs; Flounder - shrimp, finfish, crabs.

Although this information seems straightforward, there seems to be a disconnect between the written word and light tackle anglers and fly fishermen along the Texas coast. Don't believe it? Look in virtually any tackle pack or fly box. Artificial shrimp - check. Artificial baitfish - check. Artificial crabs - uhhh…....Read entire article

Schooling Bass
Most every bass fisherman has encountered schooling bass on the surface of their favorite lake. More often than not, these encounters were memorable ones, with bass coming cast after cast. For most weekend anglers, these run-ins with schooling bass are welcomed, but unplanned, highlights of a day at the lake.

However, during late summer and early fall, schools of bass are frequently active on the surface. So, why don't more anglers come across these feeding melees more often? Simply put, they just aren't in the right place at the right time on a regular basis......Read entire article

Texas Spanish Mackerel Fishing
Each year the beaches of the Lower Texas Coast see an invasion of Spanish forces. No, not the long-ago fleets of galleons, but smaller, speedier seafarers. Adorned with gold (spots), these visitors call the beachfront waters home throughout the summer and fall months.

The visitant in question is, of course, the Spanish mackerel. These fish are the smaller cousin of the king mackerel (kingfish) that is an overwhelmingly popular gamefish throughout the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Spanish mackerel pack all the bite and fight of kingfish, only in a smaller package.

One of the best things about Spanish mackerel is their availability. Surf waders, jetty fishermen and anglers on small skiffs can all enjoy the often rapid-fire action of a school of marauding Spanish macks......Read entire article

Texas Tarpon Tactics
Historically, the Texas tarpon fishery rivaled that of Florida. However, through the 1980s and 90s, the fishery declined to the point of being virtually non-existent. Luckily, over the past decade tarpon have returned in record numbers. While no one is certain why they disappeared or reappeared, anglers up and down the Texas coastal curve are once again enjoying seasonal runs of Silver Kings. As Texas fishermen have gained more experience pursuing these majestic game fish, they have also developed ways of chasing tarpon that are distinctly `Texan.' .....Read entire article

Big Bass Biting on Falcon Lake
Johnny Watkins of Lake Charles, LA, shows off a 10-pound bass he took on Falcon last week. This big bass fell for Stanley Punch Jig. Johnny also caught an 8 pound bass on a Stanley Football Jig. As summer temperatures continue to rise, anglers can expect to find big fish concentrated on offshore structure and beneath hydrilla beds. Read Freshwater Fishing Reports

Galveston Fishing Heating Up
Guide Capt. Robert Leibert of Green Water Guide Service reports fishing in Galveston is heating up heading into summer.  Above is a photo of one of Leibert's recent guide parties a bag of speckled trout up to 25 inches. Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Windy Weather Trout Tactics
To the general public, spring is known for flowers and showers. Fishermen know that wind is also a key characteristic of the season. Rare is the April day that doesn't see 15 to 20 mile-per-hour breezes sweeping across Texas bays. In fact, for much of the Texas coast, April is perhaps the windiest month of the year.

Like most inshore anglers, I long despised fishing in high wind conditions. However, over the years, I began to tolerate them - especially after experiencing a few days of excellent action among whitecaps. So, I've learned that although high winds don't make for a pleasant boat ride, anglers who are willing to brave the wind and rough bay waters can often end up with excellent catches of speckled trout......Read entire article

Texas Family Fishing Destinations
Once school lets out for summer, thousands of families will be embarking on their annual vacation adventure. For many of these families, angling is an important part of their yearly sojourn.

However, few families want to spend every minute of their vacation fishing, so finding a destination that offers quality fishing opportunities as well as other family activities is a priority. Thanks to its wide-ranging and diverse geography, Texas offers numerous such destinations. Here are a few that really stand out........Read entire article

Kings in Close
Most Texas fishermen are familiar with king mackerel, but relate to them as an offshore target.  While it is true kings spend the majority of their time well off the beach, late summer along the entire stretch of South Padre Island - from Brazos Santiago Pass to the Mansfield Cut - they can be found sharing water with swimmers.  It is then that jetty walkers, surf casters and old men in john boats are just as likely to tangle with these tasty tackle-busters as the boys in big center consoles.

The primary ingredients necessary to kick-start this action is clear, warm water - warm being something north of 70 degrees.  Once the proper tide washes against the South Padre beach, kings appear like magic.  However, a muddy tide can cause them to disappear just as quickly.  Luckily, this southern stretch of sand rarely encounters a foul tide during summer.  Tropical waves and disturbances are usually the culprits behind the rare exceptions, although a late afternoon outgoing tide clashing with the typically strong southeast wind can also cause enough turbidity to cause kings to scramble for cleaner water..........Read entire article

Spoon Fishing for Speckled Trout
During late spring, as water temperatures warm and fish become more active, that traditional Texas favorite, the spoon, will once again become employed on a regular basis. By and large, anglers launching these concave chunks of metal will be targeting redfish. However, spoons work equally well on speckled trout. And, by employing a few simple tricks, fishermen can turn a spoon into an extremely effective speckled trout lure under a variety of conditions.........Read entire article

Using Pink Lures in Salt Water
Perhaps it's because it's too feminine or otherwise not `manly' enough to be deemed worthy of tackle box space, but Texas saltwater anglers have long ignored one of the hottest colors for coastal fishing. However, fishermen who have garnered the gumption to throw pink hues have quickly learned it's a color that attracts females of the finned persuasion as well as it does their human counterparts. In the case of pink lures in Texas' coastal bays, of course, those females are primarily sow speckled trout and bull redfish.

“Somehow, I had a bunch of pink lures - mostly the old-style Kelly Wigglers,” admitted longtime Lower Laguna Madre guide Capt. Eddie Curry. “But, I never would throw them. I don't know if I thought they were too `girly' or what, but I had those things forever and never used them.

“Then one day, we were fishing under the birds. It happened to be spring when the wind is up and the water is a little sandy. I started throwing those things just to use them up. And, we started catching some really good fish - both trout and reds. I think that's when I decided that pink works pretty good. From then on, I never minded throwing them.”........Read entire article

High Tide Fishing Tactics
After a winter of watching dwindling water levels expose bars and reefs throughout Texas bays, Lone Star State coastal anglers are about to face a problem of different sorts. As spring tides begin rushing through Gulf passes, bays up and down the Texas coast will be filled with more water than they can hold - literally. Although anglers may feel more secure with the higher water levels, excessive tides tend to scatter fish, leaving fishermen frustrated. But, utilizing a little bit of strategy can help anglers alleviate their frustrations........Read entire article

Inshore Fishing Strategies for Dealing With Spring Winds on the Texas Coast
Rain, rain, go away. That's a popular children's refrain. In that same spirit, coastal anglers are likely to chant, wind, wind, go away. However, during April along the Texas coastal curve, that's a highly unlikely occurrence. The wind is going to blow this month, so you might as well get used to it. If you do attempt fishing in high spring breezes, you might do more than get used to - you might actually start liking it. In fact, more than one fisherman has been heard to utter the phrase, wind, wind, please blow today after having a few successful windy days on the bay. South Padre Island guide Capt. Eddie Curry counts himself among the windy weather aficionados.....Read entire article

Salt Water Crankbaits
It is a well-known fact that larger red drum eat mullet, pinfish and other finfish. It is an equally well-known fact that baitfish imitating plugs produce good catches of redfish. However, what is not so well known is that one of the original fresh water baitfish imitating hard baits - the crankbait - produces redfish in saltwater equally as well as it does black bass in freshwater.

Since the use of lipped divers is relatively new to saltwater, few coastal anglers are very knowledgeable about them. And, the handful of anglers who have tossed them in the brine have by and large done so under very specific conditions. However, what has been largely lost on the crankbait's crossover to saltwater is it's versatility. Regardless of water depth or cover type, it is likely there is a crankbait built to handle the situation. If there's not, a few simple modifications usually remedies the problem....Read entire article

Fishing for Black Drum in Texas
Redfish are arguably the most popular saltwater gamefish in Texas. But, it hasn't always been that way. In fact, as recently as the 1970s, redfish weren't even classified as gamefish in the Lone Star State. Sure, they were popular among sport fishermen, but they were more popular among commercial fishermen. At the time, speckled trout were considered a more desirable light tackle target.

Following the formation of the Gulf Coast Conservation Association (now the Coastal Conservation Association) and a lot of hard lobbying by the core group of saltwater anglers who revered redfish, redfish were granted the much desired designation of gamefish. Not only did this make redfish off-limits to commercial fishermen, it enhanced their value in the minds of thousands of fishermen who had previously shrugged them off as another non-game species.

Today, the same attitude that once plagued the red drum is directed toward its cousin, the black drum. Although the two species are very similar, anglers' view of them are much different. Red drum are seen as a shallow water glamour species. Black drum have often been referred to as 'saltwater javelina.'

Except for the difference in color and the deeper body inherent to the black drum, the two species are remarkably similar in appearance. And, they most often inhabit the same areas. In fact, Texas inshore fishermen are much more likely to encounter an over 30-inch black drum on a shallow flat than a redfish of similar proportions. So, why does one species overshadow the other so dramatically?.......Read entire article

Big Baits for Big Specks
The old saying, "Big bait, big fish" does not always ring true. But, late winter through early spring is a time that it certainly does.

During this time of year most of the bay's inhabitants are preparing to spawn. This is true not only of speckled trout, but many of their menu items as well. Shrimp, pinfish, mullet and other forage species are getting set to release their eggs. This means that the current line-up of bait is large enough to carry eggs.......Read entire article

First Bay Fishing Trip
This family from Arlington shows off a good catch of black drum and one redfish they took with Aransas Pass guide Capt. Marvin Engel. Engel says this was the family's first bay fishing trip.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Winter Trout
Guide Capt. Robert Leibert of Green Water Guide Service reports fishing in Galveston is good, with limits or near limits of solid specks coming on every trip. Above is a photo of one of Leibert's recent guide parties with a nice box of specks taken on dark soft-plastics rigged on a 1/4 ounce head. Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Galveston Fishing Gettin' Good
Guide Capt. Robert Leibert of Green Water Guide Service reports fishing in Galveston is good and getting better. Above is a photo of one of Leibert's recent guide parties with a mixed bag of trout, reds, flounder and pompano. Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Multi-Spot Redfish
Though it was under the slot, this multi-spot redfish was certainly a prize catch for Port Isabel guide Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr. Buitureira says the 19-inch red had dozens of spots on each side.

South Texas Speck
Heather Vybiral caught and released this 27-inch trout on a recent fishing trip to the Lower Laguna Madre.

Father & Son Specks
Thomas Pagnagna (below) and his son caught these two trophy trout back-to-back. The pair were fishing in the Lower Laguna Madre with Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr when they caught these nice specks.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Super Snook
Danny Torres of Port Isabel shows off a 34-inch snook he caught from the Lower Laguna Madre recently. Although the Lower Laguna Madre area experienced a slight freeze this past winter, snook are still thriving in the area. As summer begins to transition into fall, even more big linesiders will be caught by LLM anglers.

Caught and Released
Lori Martinez (left) shows off a nice speckled trout she caught and released while fishing in the Lower Laguna Madre with Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr when Lori landed this speck.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

New State Record Snapper
James Schmidt, 16, of Portland shows off his junior state record red snapper. James caught his record fish on June 12, 2011. The fish measured 38.38 inches and weighed 25.8 pounds, smashing the previous record of 20.72 pounds by a full 5 pounds.  

First Fishing Trip
Paxton Page (left) and his dad, Terry, show off a nice speckled trout Paxton caught on his first fishing trip. The pair were fishing in the Lower Laguna Madre with Capt. Gencho Buitureira Jr when Paxton landed this speck.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Limit of Reds
The Aguirre family shows off a limit of reds they caught last week with Aransas Pass guide Capt. Marvin Engel. Engel says the redfish bite is hot right now along the Coastal Bend.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

New State Record State Fish
Dylan Edwards, 12, of New Braunfels shows off his catch-and-release Guadalupe bass that set both the state catch-and-release and water body catch-and-release records. Watts's fish taped 14.5 inches. The previous record was 14.38 inches. Though not the largest of the bass species living in the Lone Star State, the Guadalupe bass is special in that it is the official state fish of Texas.

ShareLunker #516 Comes from Falcon
Falcon International Reservoir produced its third Toyota ShareLunker of the season, its 14th overall and the 12th entry into the ShareLunker program for the current season March 6. The fish was caught at 3:30 p.m. by Gene Patrin of Zapata in nine feet of 68-degree water. He was using a watermelon red fluke. The fish weighed 14.16 pounds and was 24.75 inches long and 22 inches in girth. It was held for pickup at Robert’s Fish ‘n Tackle, an official Toyota ShareLunker weigh and holding station.

New State Record
Stephen Watts of San Antonio shows off his catch-and-release rainbow trout that set both the state catch-and-release and water body catch-and-release record for the Guadalupe River. Watts's fish taped 27.5 inches. The previous record was 24.5 inches.

Lower Laguna Redfish
Patti Jones, Beni Hemmeline and Mandy Mantooth show off a trio of multi-spot redfish taken from the Lower Laguna Madre while fishing with Port Isabel guide Capt. Gencho Buitureira, Jr.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Oversize Redfish
Meagan from Austin shows off a 33-inch redfish she caught from the Lower Laguna Madre while fishing with Port Isabel guide Capt. Gary Farmer. Redfish action has been hot up and down the Texas coast over the past few weeks - a trend that should continue well into November.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Offshore Action
Nice catch of 5 man limit of red snapper (10-12 pound class), one 17 pound blackfin tuna and one vermillion snapper (second hook from right). The fish were taken Oct. 16 aboard the 33' Bertram Sportfisherman "Miss Ann," berthed at Island Moorings Marina. The fish were caught by David Sikes, outdoor writer with the Corpus Christi Caller-Time, David Roe, Daniel Bowman, Billy Olson, and Bill L. Olson, publisher/editor Texas Outdoors Journal, host of syndicated Texas Outdoor News radio program and owner/captain of the "Miss Ann." (photo courtesy of David Sikes)  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

Limit of Reds
Richard and Howard Craft show off a limit of reds they took while fishing the Upper Laguna Madre last week with Aransas Pass guide Capt. Marvin Engel. Engel says the largest red of the day taped 41-inches and they boated a 38-incher as well.  Read Saltwater Fishing Reports

fishing in texas, texas fishing, texas saltwater fishing, texas bass fishing
fishing in texas, texas fishing, texas saltwater fishing, texas bass fishing
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fishing in texas, texas fishing, texas saltwater fishing, texas bass fishing