Speckled Trout
Appearance: Speckled Trout (Spotted Seatrout) have an elongated body and large mouth with a pair of formidable canine teeth. They are typically olive to dark green across the top half of their body, with a white or silver underside. Larger female fish have a bright yellow inner mouth. The fish is covered in it's namesake 'specks' or spots, which are black in color.

Size: The average Speckled Trout taken in Texas coastal waters is a couple pounds, although much larger fish are commonly caught.

Where it's found: Speckled Trout are generally found on relatively shallow grass flats, although during the cooler months, they retreat to deeper holes, channels and rivers. During the summer, they are also common catches along the beachfront.

What it eats: Speckled Trout eat a variety of crustaceans and finfish. Shrimp, mullet, ballyhoo, croaker and pinfish are among their favorites.

Top lures & baits: Live baits such as shrimp, croaker, pinfish and finger mullet are excellent. Artificial jigs, spoons and plugs also account for a lot of Speckled Trout.

How it tastes: Speckled Trout offer very good fillets.

Texas Bag & Size Limits: 10 fish bag/15 inch minimum length, except in the Lower Laguna Madre where a 5 fish bag is in effect