Appearance: The Tripletail's crude appearance belies its fighting ability and palatability. Overall rounded in shape, with a mottled brown coloration, the Tripletail gleans its name from the elongated dorsal, caudal and anal fins that extend toward its tail.

Size: Most Tripletail caught in Texas are a few pounds, although double-digit fish are common in some bays, most notably West Matagorda Bay.

Where it's found: When found inshore, Tripletail are usually hanging close to objects near or in channels, such as buoys and marker posts. They are often seen floating on their side on the surface, where they can appear as a clump of weeds or discarded trash.

What it eats: Tripletail prefer shrimp and small baitfish.

Top lures & baits: Live shrimp is tops for Tripletail, although small jigs, spoons and artificial shrimp also work well.

How it tastes: Tripletail are renown as excellent table fair.

Texas Bag & Size Limits: 3 fish bag/17 inch minimum length